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  1. Hi all, looking for a bit of advice. I have been with my SL and now RL partner for just over 10 weeks. I would like to have a wedding with her. We have a lovely garden behind our house and would love to have the wedding there. Now I have not been married in SL before, so unsure what to do or where to look. It will be a small one with close friends and family and I just want to do something very special for her. Any pointers or help would be greatefully appreciated. :) Thanks.
  2. No doubt you try and make your avatar as real as possible, with skin, hair, clothes, etc. People make cars like RL. People make building like RL. People make a whole range of items, that has been inspired by RL. But you don't ask why this is all going on?
  3. Ah! I knew there must of been a way. Thank you so much! :heart:
  4. Thanks a bunch! Cant even roll back to a previous viewer now. Great!! So I have to walk - stop local chat message - walk stop - object spoke - walk - ah you know what why don't I just stand still for my entire duration in Secondlife, as the bloody chat window won't let me walk / run / fly / drive anywhere anyways. :smileymad:
  5. Linden Lab - Ever heard the phrase "If it's not broke, don't fix it?" f so, what in gods name have you done to the viewer. Over the last 5 and half years, I have seen new implements come along, windlight, shadows, mesh. But what on earth is this with the chat? It worked absolutely wonderful before hand, you had IM windows and the local chat down the bottom left. I did prefer the docked chat bar at the bottom, but meh, whatever - I managed to resize it to fit above the buttons down there. Now you have royally screwed it up. Every time I get notification on Mysti-Hud, everytime I turn my AO on or off, the pop up windows appears and I am halted in my tracks. Changing gear on a vehicle stops the blooming thing as well. Go back to the original char method or at least give us the option to go back to that. :smileymad:
  6. Well this is truly to much stress for me at the moment, so much so, it has literally given me a headache. So I have just unlisted everything at the moment, until LL clears up the mess they have created. One thing I have noted in my 6 nearly 7 years on Secondlife....things are working well, then all of a sudden some pair of boffin Lindens with a very small number of residents, who think they know round every part of Secondlife with fine tooth comb, get together and plan how they can mess up every bugger elses experience. I have to go points in my Secondlife where I just closed up shop and left for a while, but then come crawling back. I am in two minds to cash out and just blow Secondlife altogether. Secondlife was my escape from the things that get me down in RL, but it's getting just as stressful now All my SL friends I have on Facebook, so won't be missing them..... :matte-motes-not-entertained:
  7. Oh I see. So I have just been going over and over again and now because I have over 100 items unasociated, it won't let me add more. So what with the "Edit unassociated items" not allowing me to delete, as there is some 'error' I am stuck for the time being. Just wish I could start again. So sorry to keep you waiting. We'll be right back! We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly.
  8. Thank you Sera, I will give that a go. Its weird though. On my listings some say 'Direct' and some say 'Magic Box' but according to my Merchant Outbox inworld, there is nothing in there. :smileyfrustrated:
  9. What a royal PITA this is! Thought oh hey this looks easy, just take the boxes out my magicboxes, plonk them in the Merchants Outbox which was showed in the quick migration instructions, so I do that, do a test buy and I read on my listing "Use It Now This item will be delivered directly to you or a friend in Second Life, unpacked and ready to use. No land or sandbox required." What??? So I DO have to unpack all boxes and put them in tas folders :matte-motes-angry: Not only that, I now have Unassociated inventory items, that won't blooming delete and even with removing boxes from the magic boxes and syncing them ot the marketplace, they're still there. Some items have now got confused and are saying unavailiable and still say they are in the magic box and not direct delivery. Think to save loss of custom from items all over the place, I will continue to use my trusty magic box until such time that I will be forced to use this rickety Outbox thing. I even shrunk my land size in world as customers were buying more from the MP then in world and now the MP screwed up all my listings! This really isn't making me very happy and actually quite stressful! :'(
  10. Thank you so much! I have tried to dabble with scripts a few times, I am learning slowly on everything, just this had stumped me with trying to add two scripts together like this.
  11. Oh thanks too, sorry didn't see your message with all the codes. Do apoligise.
  12. It's for a bag. I am redoing my vendors in my store. Person pays vendor > vendor gives bag. The bag will have the items inside and just thought it would be neat to have the avatar holding the bag, hence the animation script. The avatar can touch the bag to open it's contents into their inventory.
  13. Great that works well... any idea how I can prevent the Animation and the actual script from going into the inventory?
  14. Duh, that would help lol They are as follows: Give Inventory (Unpacker) // script created by SpiritWolf Chikuwa// minor changes by Strife Onizuka to speed things up//// /!\ PUBLIC DOMAIN /!\// You can Copy/Mod/Trans // Please, do not resell this script and give it full perm// Just please leave this header intact//// Minor changes: (insert your name here and delete this comment if you do any mod of this script, thank you)//// Script start here: list gInventoryList; list getInventoryList(){ list result = []; integer n = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_ALL); while(n) result = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ALL, --n) + result; return result;} default{ state_entry() { gInventoryList = getInventoryList(); } touch_start( integer n ) { integer i = 0; string folder = llGetObjectName(); while(i < n) { llGiveInventoryList(llDetectedKey(i), folder, gInventoryList ); ++i; } } changed( integer change ) { if ( change == CHANGED_INVENTORY ) gInventoryList = getInventoryList(); }} // llGetInventory number and name will scan all objects on the box.// llGiveInventory will give you the content.// See also llGetInventory and llGiveInventory on LSL Wiki for further informations. and Animate on Attach /*Bornslippy Ruby presents...Start Animation On AttachThis script can handle: Animations, Attachments, Owner, Permissions, todoCopyright © 2010 Bornslippy RubyPermission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining acopy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Start Animation On Attach"), todeal in Start Animation On Attach without restriction, including without limitation the rights touse, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sellcopies of Start Animation On Attach, and to permit persons to whom Start Animation On Attach is furnished to do so,subject to the following conditions:The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall beincluded in all copies or substantial portions of the software.THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND,EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIESOF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ANDNONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHTHOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY,WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISINGFROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OROTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE.http://secondlife.coolminds.org*/string HOLD_ANIM = "animation name";// --------------------------------------------------------default{ on_rez(integer rezzed) { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); } attach(key attached) { if(attached != llGetOwner()) if(llGetPermissions() & PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION) llStopAnimation(HOLD_ANIM); } run_time_permissions(integer perms) { if(perms & PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION) llStartAnimation(HOLD_ANIM); else llDetachFromAvatar(); }}
  15. I have a couple of scripts that I have found on the LSL wiki and would like to combine them together. One is an Animate When Attached and the other is the Unpacker script (give inventory to folder). Trying to add them together, but my scripting knowliedge is not all that great. Could someone help me? Thanks.:matte-motes-kiss:
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