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  1. ... Account will not be available until 2016-03-15 04:29.... like 7 hours away. wtf?
  2. You seem to have a lot of faith in a company that hasn't fixed even a rough majority of the serverside problems they've had for the past 7+ years, and who most graciously said f*ck the community, eat some viewer 2 and don't bother us for support even if you can prove it's our fault and it's costing you money. Besides, now that we've got someone from EA involved in this, all we need is an SOE employee to truly show where support and the future of SL is heading.
  3. They already do that... they're called third party viewers =P
  4. Of course not. The puppetmaster is still there to pull the strings. This new CEO crap is the same thing they've pulled before, just before everything goes to hell and they need a fall guy.
  5. IN reply to Whet: Screw your therapies and wounded soldiers and shady charity collections, etc. First off, I don't think LL's legal team covers malpractice. Secondly, no Linden is certifying any sort of degree or other medical paperwork that the AMA might want you to have to perform your fake therapies. Thirdly, this is secondlife, not virtual therapy. I've got a couple buddies that came back with PTSD and a few holes in 'em, and I'll tell ya that staring at a screen full of cartoon porn and soap opera drama isn't helping them cope any, nor is it helping with their physical therapy. More on t
  6. I'm not understanding why anyone would move backwards in their career. CEO of Linden Labs is like President of the waterboys. We've already got T. King in SL and LL never listened to his 15+ years of gaming development expertise, so this guys resume is pretty much pointless to his position as figurehead anyways. We all know what happens with CEO's of LL, so if the game lasts another year can we at least vote for the next one?
  7. The teen grid "merge" is just a PR failsafe to make LL seem more responsible. The reality is that since there's never been any age verification to create a normal account, the kiddiez have always been here, fully exposed, with no safe zones. Just one more in a series of utter failures to make the public feel like LL's mistakes were created by the users.
  8. Damn these discussions are so much more fun with all the fanbois dead and gone. Way to go LL, you've actually alienated every single one of your customers. Even SOE hasn't managed to pull that one off yet, and they're years ahead of you.
  9. Look at the bright side, a few years ago LL was caught and lost investors for faking the login count. Now they have a fully illegitimate excuse and they're losing players instead.
  10. You're trying to compare other grids that at best may be roughly 1 year in age and lacking the multi-million dollar investors LL started with and lost to an *8 year old* SL. That's like comparing an atari to a playstation. SL is and has been sinking for years. They juggle CEO's when they're about to come under fire for major changes, they've all but cut off support, in 8 years time the grid isn't any more reliable in it's stability, and the userbase keeps getting smaller and smaller. The novelty of the virtual world is gone and LL failed epically to take advantage of it while it was there. The
  11. Hey Philip, Here's a picture for you Lindens from your customer base... it's not as pretty as your doctored graphs, but gets the point across in a clear and concise form that you won't need help understanding.
  12. Don't worry, they're 'making strides'. I just hope the self-service tools come with lube, we've been taking it up the ass from these people for years without any =/
  13. I haven't been here for like a week, so sorry if I'm late getting to this... but by the title of this thread, are you saying that there will actually BE support? In all my time in game, I've learned the only 2 Lindens that I can trust are Spike and Amber, and you guys fk'd Spike, so there went half the support. Or is this decision now based on the numerous posts wondering why for MONTHS tickets have gone unanswered with no status change? Maybe if Philip would get his alt out of hard alley and his hand out of his panties you people will finally be able to figure out how to do what you claim to
  14. Consider the fact that not so long ago there were some rather large FAKE 'banks' in SL. They took off with all the lindens entrusted to them. So basically you've got the virtual world version of gold farming. It's against the rules, and it's also because LL wants your money instead of someone else getting paid whether legit or not lol!
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