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  1. And I can not resist to say that, no matter how much we bash the Second Life, in the end, we are still here and that too every day =) Hi, Just could not resist commenting on this one. No matter how much we bash Second Life, in the "end", we are "not" here and "seriously" regretting the decision made to stick with SL after thier first mismanagement back in 2008 (Private Land fee decrease= Devalue of thousands of properties at that time)
  2. For real LL. Have some dignity and stop saying comments like the first torley said in the display video "As a result of your beloved residents feedback". That's BS! You did not listen to residents and went on with this display name thing that is obviously useless. I have never seen a tool this useless. I mean.. I'm still wondering what that changes and who ever thought this one up. Worse part, in addition to display name: - Second Life main name - Display name - Group tag! Who's going to walk around feeling like a stuffed turkey with names hovering over thier heads in mass?? When are yo
  3. Dear LL, Thank you Jack for showing us the LL Team is listening to us residents "pour" and "contre" concerning Display name intergration, but.. Honestly: This goes to show you guys did NOT even bother to listen to any of the worries content creators evoked in the previous post The LL Team totally forgot that there are real risks involved, especially for those who have rl companies and have thier VAT n° registered Not all residents asked for the display name feature, not especially with all the other issues exisiting the past months that you guys obviously chose to ignore. If you can add such
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