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  1. Hi, I got the same email today, and tracked all the transaction for 94l$, And I guess it's a customer who has asked for a refund, but she has sent the product, not to herself, but to two of her friends. message I got : This email is to notify you that we have taken some action on your Second Life account. Action taken: Linden Dollar assessment We regret to inform you that the L$ recently sent to you may have been obtained through an unauthorized source. Due to the manner in which the L$ were originally obtained, we have removed them from
  2. Never I got those problem in Mac OS Mavericks, now I have that on Mac OS Sierra, conclusion, the viewers are really outdated. Mavericks was made 5 years ago.
  3. It's clearly the viewer problem here, if that problem happen on windows, mac and linux, then it's clearly proved. It's sucks on all systems. Apparently lindens still to work with old systems. And even if you do a clean install with all files removed, the problem come back all the times.
  4. Well I have upgraded my system on MAC, same glitch, and with the last firestorm viewer :)
  5. The market seem to have a big problem. 6 months ago I was able to exchange 248 l$ for 1$ with ease, Now even at 254 l$ it's kinda hard and slow. Suddenly when they have start to charge us at 15$ USD if we tranfer our moneys to paypal. So what's happen ? thank you for your answers
  6. Same litch for me for almost almost 1 year ont he beta grid; Apprently, the team to work on the beta grid, are in vacation, or are lazy to work...... I have changed my password many times, and this stupid glitche still here......
  7. On 2011 I was able to connect to the beta grid, almost all times. Now I have attempt rez failed on 1 account, and the other one, I can simply not connect. SO how can we try the mesh etc, IF we can't login ?????
  8. Happy New Year ! Well you miss my new one, on your list Kianta Design - Pregnancy Tummy Evolution SE 2013 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Kianta-Design-Pregnancy-Tummy-Evolution-SE-2013/4354613? :matte-motes-smile: And I agree, these tummy totally spammy, are a really annoying. For that reason, I did this new tummy. Tummy Talker now, has a sense lol
  9. The customers service still AWFULL !!!!! After 2 month my tickets still without answers. and now the live chat, it's a shame. Craig: Hello, Thank you for contacting Linden lab Support. How can i help you today? I talk with myself, after 20 minutes I still without answer. I got another guy before that one, a Dick, same thing. Dick: Hello, Thank you for contacting Linden lab Support. How can i help you today? I explain, and i got "one Moment please". And after 20 minutes too nothing ! WTF ? It's not a Live Chat, it's just a gadget to decorate the help page of LL
  10. The tittle of this thread is funny : " Making Strides to Improve our Customer Support Services" BUT the problem, we can't talk about a customers service, because Linden Lab, don't have any customers service. They aren't able to answer to the tickets ! If you talk with them on the Live Chat "only if you're lucky", most of the time they will say "NO NO, we don't have any bugs on second life !!!, it's a problem of performance with your computer, But when you're like me, with a Mac Pro Quad Core, 8 GB of memory, and 1 GB of memory on my video card, I laugh....." YOUR customers aren't stup
  11. I have a premium account, but I wonder if the customers service is on vacation. - 1 they don't answer to my tickets at all. - 2 I can't use the live chat, it's always closed. - 3 The support for the marketplace or Xstreet doesn't exist. Two years ago the customers service, was better. Now, the customers service is a shame, because it doesn't exist anymore. So why I can't use the live chat, because I live in France ? But in waiting I pay for a service ! And I don't have it anymore. The only thing to work, it's when they pick my money every month
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