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  1. SL keeps kicking me off every time I log in. Its been like this for over 2 weeks and I'm not sure what is wrong. My firewall has never had a problem with the game before so I dont think that is the case. Is anyone else having this problem and has anyone been able to fix it? Thanks in advanced, I dont want to have to scrap this account cuz I'm a premium member and I have spent a TON of lidens on getting this account exactly how I want it.
  2. I do not intend to get a "tummy talker" and if the hud I choose happens to have one I do not intend to use that particular settings. I was only asking for opinions on various types of pregnancy HUDs. No one needs to jump on my forum just to say they are going to "mute" me I have been around people with those and other talking parts and I understand how not everyone whats to hear it just fine. This is intended for a certain RP that I am creating, one that is based on a book I wrote and published. Thank you for each of your inputs and opinions. Ariel your's was one of the most helpful and thank you for mentioning the clinics I hadnt thought of that and yes I would like to talk inworld some time thank you. I am going to take each product recommendation into consideration before spending my money on anything.
  3. I am wanting to know which mommy/pregnancy hud is the best quality and most reliable. You can also message me inworld. Opinions based on personal experience would definatly be helpful. Thanks in advanced.
  4. Thank you for replying feel free to contact me inworld at any time.
  5. I want to learn how to build costumes and spell huds (mainly the costumes) but most of the things inworld have set times for classes and I cant always go so I would love it if someone could show me how. I can start paying for lessons after the 2nd of Janurary. If you are interested please contact me here or inworld although I would prefer if you tell me you are interested here first because sometimes my instant messages get capped.
  6. I am running out of time to find a job can someone please help me?
  7. I looked at a couple places that were hiring hostesses and some of the applications ask if you can use for chat for "training purposes". So far the 3 clubs I have sent notecards to inworld have yet to respond to me and that was a month ago so i thought if I posted here then someone who would actually respond to my application could give me a job.
  8. I have a wedding to pay for and I am unable to put a lot of money into the game so I am looking for a decent job. I have experience dancing in 2 different clubs and I could try being a hostess but I havent had to use my mic before so I might sound a bit wonky lol. Please feel free to contact me inworld with any questions.
  9. Of course my fiance is reliable. He has been for the past four years. We are engaged in RL as well.
  10. My fiance and I would like to have an SL wedding but are unsure of which places are reliable. The destination guide didn't have that many places to choose from and we were wondering if we could get some suggestions of places that actually provide wedding services. We appreciate any and all help you can provide us.
  11. I am interested in a roleplay with a bit of a medieval theme and also some magic but mainly what I want is something with a good storyline and the ability to become royalty....ive played other types of RP before so now I want to do something different. All suggestions are welcome and appriciated. :matte-motes-smile:
  12. I mainly just have to figure out how to word my backstory and how I fit in with Avilion's history and role play. If anyone could give me an example I think I might be able to pick it up from there.
  13. I have never done roleplay before and I decided to try Avilion but im having trouble filling out the application, can someone help me out?
  14. I have always wanted to join a good vampire role play but I don't know which group/island would be good for a beginner like me. I enjoy some combat but my main love is a good story line. Can anyone help me find a good role play and then show me around to help get me used to it.
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