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  1. Can confirm on the camera displacement on four-corner crossings. I used the "footprint" of my boat to figure out which way I was heading from my minimap 😉 Not ideal, but I like the challenge!
  2. Took my Wroco-80 out for a spin from Blake Sea - Japan. eastward, ran into the wall between Aegean and Red (flank speed, oof) westward, between Irish and China (steady) Tried Half-Hitch. My boat made the crossing into Lanyard, and my avie got ghosted. Had to relog into Blake Sea - Japan. I had more success logging into Mainbrace, and flying over to Spyglass for the rez zone there. I was able to run through a couple of four-corner crossings and then I hit another wall. On my minimap (I use the SL viewer) it looks like Void Sea. No terrain textures, no objects, just a blue sq
  3. I've had that halo since about day one (took me a day or two to get brave enough to rez and manipulate a prim!), been through several wings, but always been Snazzeh!
  4. Hi Blue! Welcome to SL! Try finding the urchins in New Babbage. They are a good buncha kids and can help you get settled into SL pretty good too. It's a steampunk community. :-) There is also an orphange in 1920's Berlin, which is a fairly strict roleplay community. They will house you and even school you there, but you would need to be able to RP a kid from that time period. (That community does provide many great resources for doing this!) If you're just looking to find a modern-day suburban place, there are several neighborhood communities like Old Willowdale, Tollerton (which is a fairl
  5. Thanks for the info! It's been fun trying to explain the whole mesh thang in some of my more populated groups, when I barely understand it. Having these tools available for [those using the SL viewer] is a great addition!
  6. I like the idea of a welcome basket, or maybe just a box prim.. :matte-motes-wink-tongue: Hmm, what to put into it that would be universally useful... definitely a notecard of welcome, with some of the general information about what Bay City's theme is, including links to relevant wikis and such, in order to give some idea of how best to "fit" their build in. Maybe a copy of the LDPW textures and stuff too. It's hard to come up with anything more specific, as we have several different types of businesses, entertainment venues and residents. As for distribution of this welcome kit, perhaps s
  7. pygarbu on Plurk here :smileyhappy:
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