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  1. I completely forgot I had posted this. Yes, I found out I didn't have to use the whole skeleton. My problem was "too many bones" once I deleted the extra bones it loaded with no problem. Thank you so much for the answer! I will go check out the links.
  2. I made a mesh head, and want to use the Bento skeleton. I use Blender but do not use Avastar and have never had a problem rigging with the normal skeleton. My problem is that I parent the mesh to the bento skeleton and export, as I normally do, but when I upload to SL, under the Upload options tab, the boxes for "Include skin weight" and "Include joint positions" are not available to be checked. So if I upload the mesh is just a mesh, without a skeleton. I usually just parent the mesh to the skeleton, export, and upload. But that doesn't seem to be working and I do not know what I'm doing wron
  3. I completed the mesh tutorial on the regular site and I can upload mesh there with no problem. But I wanted to test my meshes in aditi grid. I don't have permission there. So I logged in to the aditi site but I can't get to the test and can't get permission to upload on aditi. What am I doing wrong? Is it a different link? This is the link I'm talking about: https://secondlife.aditi.lindenlab.com/my/account/ip/index.php?lang=en-US Where am I supposed to take the test so I can get rights to upload to aditi? Thanks in advance.
  4. I don't feel comfortable with things being delivered directly from my inventory. I like that right now they are in a sepparate box, and that when it is delivered the customer will get exactly what they paid for. If this system is put in place, there should be an option for a merchant to opt out and keep using the boxes. In my opinion that is a much safer way to deliver products.
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