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  1. I Love all of you but, not one of the 'Informed' bothered to be 'Informative', anyone notice, yes they did. They who state, "that you do not Understand" yet explains nothing is causing Confusion and Consternation. 2019, and nothing in this thread Illuminates the concerns of the Original Post. Will look up Tyche Shepherd, but from what I have read here - that one's 'Avatar like" Bots are the only ones I see today. Something tells me that Tyche Shepard is a good source of explanation, but why have they not put some assurances here? Perhaps they have a great explanation elsewhere, was that mentioned? - perhaps. Found this Thread due to the Activities of one Avatar by the title, "Integristic" of 'agentgermanlandholding' @ http://www.german-land-holding.eu/ Benny & Susanne Sonnenkern - both listed as Estate Owners. They have over 200 sims and so many angry residents who have banned their 'bots that I had to find out what the uproar was about.' Anyone want to help me understand, what makes a virtual man hate another virtual man - or 'bot' in the case of this realty business? Or should I just ask Tyche Shepard that too?
  2. This Short Thread real says it all. Well, all I answers I will ever need are here, that is. While I am not 'all that' historically in SL, I get around, and I did not want to change my familiarity. And the implausibly screwed up demo shapes - given the price of the real shape - should have a laugh track scripted along. Because I felt like a complete fool ticking those sliders back and forth endlessly searching for the pieces of me I saw in the store image. Because my shape was just a basic self-slidden portrait upon a SL Avatar, what could be so difficult about a little learning curve and some reading. Hours & Evenings later, I am still firm in my resolve to do my best and move on with the newer me. I have blown enough Lindens to purchase a Bay City 2048sqm sim. And I did it well informed, or so I thought. But I am so joyful that RL took me away as the 2016 mesh rolled in - I got the gist and was gone - with not a single Linden spent on 'Mesh'. I returned this year with no thought of Mesh Shapes. SL looked the same - grey & tan - then suddenly naked Avi's strutting away from the TP. Half of my manifold LMs are bare sim lots. Now, a late comer and way behind the fashion curve, the rezzing imagery increasingly caught my eye - "Wow", I thought, "how beautiful, and on my laptop". But it was Mesh and since then I have turned the page. I have the links, I have the tuts, and this time I have a reason to use blender - and read the blender manual. For anyone who has searched hard enough to find this short little thread - Profit! - because when I see you in world, you are going to be spectacularly you. That was Cathartic. Love Christ =~..@=
  3. Who is driving this train? I Apologize if any offence was triggered by the introduction - micro aggressions may be woven throughout the opinions that follow. Bad impressions of Rango Lingo aside, I turn back to the topic at hand - the request, even need of an enemy for Lindal Kidd. Perhaps, in answer to 'What is friendship then? Modern friendship: when defined contemporarily - has a defend you even when they know you are wrong, sort of travesty spinning loosely out of philosophical control thing going contemporarily. Is Lindal seeking a higher quality of friendship, an honest, no - Honest to a Fault Friendship? But first - Lindal Kidd - while I know nothing factual about her {mind behind the avatar} intentions, except for what was concisely posted about her boundaries - if one were to read her posts again to refresh themselves. Second - I was raised to believe that a friend was not the one who defended you in your wrongness {in their eyes} - but of good and loving console when struggling with your state - is that not a much truer friendship? So what kind of enemy does Lindal envision? Honest opposition of strong but erudite convictions that challenge her moral fabric, or one who would attack and weaken her resolve through cheap and harmful cuts in order to climb over her in pseudo supremacy? Catnap
  4. I can do that, I do not quite understand how your posts found during my search for land/prim lingo led me here, But I can do that, I mean,.. I am not stupid - I understand how it all works, that is,.. I have read the book on Synchronicity - as first explained by Carl Jung. And I am struck by how, This is that. Christ Catnap P.S. I am a believer, that is that I believe in stuff.
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