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  1. I use paintshop pro with mesh ao shadow maps all the time. it is rather easy to texture, its just like any other paint program where you use layers. psp can save your work in .psd format. using every new layer allows you to multiply burn, etc. until you get the look you want. you can also bring in the uv maps to help you understand the way the texture should lay on the map. there isnt much to it. It just takes a lot of work to get used to working in layers , especially if the ao maps are complicted like those of say......UR. their maps are somewhat difficult to use because you dont know
  2. flagging the items worked fine. but no one should have to flag so many. it is sad that nothing is being done about this issue that i am aware of........ after thinking this thru even further......... the ones hurt most by this are the full perm creators because this flood of gacha items in the full perm sections is just pushing their listings out of the sight of the builders who might want that product and it affects their income..... for the builder it makes finding the right components to complete your build so your income is affected as well. this is a lose lose situation
  3. The gacha items are like an infection of marketplace. Not to mention a large amount of gacha items are being placed in the wrong categories. Last night I flagged approximately 60 items in the building objects and components category because they do not belong there. That category is for full perm creators' items. I spent at least an hour in world trying to get this point across to the poster of those items who argued with me because they did not understand why the items didnt belong there. Gacha items would best belong in the collectibles category. They are special items
  4. Submit your letter here! http://copyright.gov/policy/visualwor... Sample letters from other artists: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Ar... Illustrators’ Partnership Blog: http://ipaorphanworks.blogspot.com IPA Artists Alert http://conta.cc/1KvRTCR To sign-up for IPA Artists Alert http://visitor.constantcontact.com/ma... Copyright Office page where comments must be submitted online: http://copyright.gov/policy/visualwor... 4 articles written about this: Trojan Horse: Orphan Works and the War on Authors by Brad Holland http://www.jbiocommunication.org/free... Orphan Works Leg
  5. dns could not resolve the host name please verify you can connect to secondlife.com ( yes i can) web site. if you can but continue to receive this error please go to support section and report this problem. :( cant find anyplace to report it. not a premium member. anyone else having this issue?
  6. Hosts and Dj's wanted! Please contact: Rodger Renfort secondlife:///app/agent/e34c9a0e-17e6-4f59-a08d-9f575de7d4e7/about http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Naughty/152/240/22 We want to make it a successful enjoyable club where people love to come and be part of something. We will have contests and events, we have motorboating, jetski's, rowboats, paddleboats, swimming and diving activites as well as places to cuddle up or chat with friends. We are looking for responsible people who care about what they do and enjoy what they do and are able to commit to making a great club! If y
  7. DJ's and Hosts are welcome to apply, please come to the club and get an application at the club entrance and send to Rodger Renfort Included are snapshots of the Club so you can see the environment you might be working in! Check them out! (paste in local chat) Rodger Renfort secondlife:///app/agent/e34c9a0e-17e6-4f59-a08d-9f575de7d4e7/about Club Location: (paste in local chat) Second Life Maps | Naughty We want to make it a successful enjoyable club where people love to come and be part of something. We will have contests and events, we have motorboating, jetski's, rowboats, paddleboats, s
  8. Wild Dunes Beach Club is now hiriing Dj's and Host/Hostesses. Experience preferred but will train host/hostesses. Now is the time to get your sl career started. We are a classic rock and blues club. Dj's should be experienced and while we are equal opportunity employers we do prefer DJ's with a following if possible. All who apply will be considered for employment and have an interview. Please contact IvoryStar url to profile : secondlife:///app/agent/46511c6c-cfe7-4c78-a581-7e99563495c8/about ( just copy and paste into local chat and follow the link). Be sure to send a notecard
  9. if you are taking a percent of peoples tips, you arent going to find anyone, its hard enough to earn tips let alone have them taken away from you.
  10. you would probably need a different pair of mesh feet for every pair of shoes as they are not all made the same, you are better off getting slink feet and then buying shoes that are made for the slink mesh feet. that would be your easiest bet. but also means u have to buy all new shoes.
  11. my pets do that all the time, i have zooby pets and a zooby baby and cats from kittycats......... i think that is a lag issue, especially if it only happens on items like that. i dont have a great graphics card so i cant say if a graphics card would improve this at all. but when im not lagging my pets are just fine on my lower end graphics card so my opinion is its not your card.
  12. ever since my sim was restarted last night the textures appear to keep having to refresh themselves, they are clear then go blurry and keep doing this every few seconds. i live on a mainland sim called triampo. i use firestorm, when this used to happen, turning off their http feature for rendering always worked now its not working. anyone know what is going on? thanks.
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