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  1. Independently owned Second Life fashion agency seeks a Show Coordinator to manage the agency models and oversee runway shows. The duties include, but are not limited to : Assisting with the casting of models for shows Scheduling and running rehearsals Performing styling checks prior to each show Ensuring shows run smoothly by cueing models and providing support and encouragement via private communication We currently host, at minimum, six fashion shows per year. This position will require 4-6 hours total over the course of two
  2. Vivienne contact Chele Nova. She decorated my Onsu Downtown Skybox and did an AMAZING job! If you'd like to see mine, let me know.
  3. Having worked as a freelance writer, I can tell you right now that you will have difficulty filling this position with a quality candidate. At the very least, I doubt you'll attract a native English speaker. The going rate for content writers is 10 cents per word at the low end and $1.00 per word at the high end. Ten cents per word for 500 words is $50. If you are paying $500L for a 500 word article that is about $2.00. I do hope that isn't the case because it would be incredibly insulting.
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