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  1. Glad to know it's not just me. I tried several accounts from several viewers and looked at grid status. Always frustrating to not be able to log in.
  2. Must be one hell of an inventory database error. I wake up and its 3:36 am PST and they still haven't fixed it? That's almost 8 hours. What the heck is going on?!
  3. yeah it literally happened within 10 minutes.. they posted the notice after I posted this post ;-) thanks SL for the heads up!
  4. Tried on 4 viewers including a mobile client from DIFFERENT NETWORKS Login Failed. Despite our best efforts something unexpected has gone wrong. Please check status.secondlifegrid.net to see if there is a known problem with the service. If you continue to experience problems please check your network and firewall setup. Thing is.. I dont have any firewall or router hardware NAT firewall. I can log into my other account just fine just not my MAIN account. I can log into the website fine.. just not into the grid. Any suggestions?
  5. Audra Siemens wrote: My favorite place to hang out is my coffee shop in Newport Keys. There are various things that go on there, not the least of which is karaoke on Thursdays. Some fun times that is! Most of the time though, its a sleepy little place to chill out at. Usually when I'm just starting my day and having my RL coffee, going through my messages and such, I'm here as well, chatting away to people who may come by. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Newport%20Keys/222/19/23 Hope to see you there some time I've been coming here every day at different times and I never see anyo
  6. It will be nice to see girls wearing flower dresses again!
  7. I'm not offended by you at all =) I think what you are doing is GREAT! I hope you recruit a lot of people!
  8. Irene Muni wrote: Sandra Frascati wrote: ... and I really can't understand her response to you... My response was about I think it is unnecessary open the same and identical thread in 3 diferent subforums: Make friends: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Make-Friends/GUIDES-NEED-TO-HELP-NEW-MEMBERS/m-p/818511 Your avatar: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Your-Avatar/LOOKING-FOR-GUIDES-TO-HELP-NEW-MEMBERS/m-p/818501 And this Events forum I think its unecessary for you to harrass Amethyst when there is some guy on here posting 5 topics about how SL is a gambling si
  9. LL has no desire to help new members efficiently or clean up the grid. There are now more sims than there are actual users on the grid. Its a sad state of affairs I posted about this in another thread. Its lost 50% of its peak usage over the past 2 years. The peak user statistic doesnt lie. 85k 2 years ago to barely mid 50s today. Its mainly because of THIS. Linden Labs is much more worried about moderating the forums than any of the infohubs.
  10. There are several problems with LL retaining people. The first one is they don't moderate the welcome areas. I mean NONE WHATSOEVER. So people are harassed or ignored at a vital part of their Second Life. The time they need the most help. The second problem is there are almost no mentors or helpers left in second life that go around the welcome areas. I haven't seen one helping or mentoring new people in at least 6 months. The combination of these 2 problems has really dropped SL's retention rate in the time I have been a resident. 2 Years ago when I would sign on sunday
  11. no SL client has ever been optomized for multicore processors. I originally thought it was just beta's but upon further investigation I saw that the one process of SL and SL32 were running ALL of the threads in a single process.. The SL process alone was running over 900 threads. Linden Labs needs to make a better effort to optimize their client for multicore processors.. its 2011 not 2003... Most people at least have a dual core.. And 25% of us are running quad cores. I7 users are running 4 real and 4 logical cores.. and people running with AMD like me are running 6. Get with the
  12. Yeah I lost it about 15 minutes ago.
  13. I wouldn't be interested in propogating viewer 2 when there are better options out there. I almost exlusively have told new SL residents to download a TPV and primarily of those phoenix. When Firestorm is a full release I will be asking them to download it. After 8 years of development I find it very disappointing that SL has yet to release a viewer client that supports multicore processors. I can't in good conscience support that. At least the TPV teams try. No, I wouldn't be willing to direct them to a page that continues them down a destructive path in my opinion. I am glad to see p
  14. I'd love to do this. I've been "mentoring" people in SL for over a year. Unfortunately. You guys require me to use viewer 2 and I only use phoenix and firestorm
  15. Ranma lets not get political here. Ok... Here is where things get tricky... Does California law apply. The answer is yes and no =) Another thing before i go into a tirade on laws is. Do we know thats where the asset server are? There are probably several and I can't believe that LL would not be wise enough to place asset servers and backup asset servers all in one location. Although, far more profitable and successful companies have been foolish enough to do so in the past. Something else that occurred to me is. If you create intellectual property do you create it in your home wher
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