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  1. I made a baked on mesh avatar that uses default sl skins and played around with it a bit. It's pretty cool! I have a question/suggestion though: Why can they not use alpha? People have things they will want to use on their baked mesh avatars (heads, feet/shoes). Since the SL avatar is automatically hidden when wearing mesh, it should not be a problem if alpha is baked onto a mesh avatar. P.S. - Hands and feet were a huge pain to match the UVs, especially feet.
  2. It turns out I need to fill out some tax forms. Apparently I never got the mail. Also I didn't mention these are sales made over the span of several years. Not at once. And to the trolls: suck it.
  3. Well if you go into your sales you can download a CSV file of everything you were paid for.
  4. I don't feel entitled to anything except protection of my intellectual property I worked hard on, not "just making an account 11 years ago". I have made and sold thousands of animations in second life and I was famous for it for a time. My problem is not with what you are saying but how you are saying it. You're being very rude, how would you not expect a rude response? Frankly you seem to feel entitled to being a *****. If you want to have a real conversation about something you need to show some tact and respect. It's obvious you have animosity to people who were in SL long before you. Keep your mental issues to yourself. Nobody cares. Maybe you should find something better to do than trolling these forums. You don't own them. Furthermore, I don't owe you any explanation. You can think what you want about anybody you want. That's not my problem, either. Really, I am not surprised to find some random toxic nutcase trying in vein to protect what she perceives as her little corner of the internet (especially in SL, which is full of these kinds of people these days it is no wonder so many people left).
  5. First of all I don't like your tone. Secondly unless you're an attorney, you can ***** off.
  6. If that's the case, it looks like I will be going to court because that's not my problem.
  7. I have over $30,000 USD in sales that were never paid out to me from SL Marketplace. Has anybody else had problems not being paid for sales? Did Linden Labs give you the run-around? Did you have to call an attorney? According to SL Marketplace I have sold one item over 500 times, with a 15,000L price tag (a big pack of full perm animations). I never got paid for those. I downloaded my entire payout history in CSV file and none of these sales have entries. I haven't even checked my other items. Pretty sure there are several others I was never paid for as well.
  8. SheenaFire wrote: thats a shame your pretty much putting this project on hold cracker, blah blah blah Hey people have to make a living. Nobody is stopping you from doing it yourself or paying somebody to do it for you. You can wait for the LL version like everybody else. Stop acting all self-entitled like the world owes you everything for free. And by the way I rarely play SL, so my messages get capped fast. I really don't care for SL all that much. If you want people to get your messages, send a notecard.
  9. That patch didn't help me at all. I had to do everything without any reference really. And for an update: I have been really busy on another project, so it looks like I won't be able to work on it for a while. The SL Oculus Rift viewer upgrade should be ready by the end of the summer anyway.
  10. I am still waiting on my Dev Kit. It was in a batch that got stuck in US customs so it was held up for almost a month. They are saying they will go out next week.
  11. No, you are right on all counts. These are just things we know we have to work around for now.
  12. Bronxcheer wrote: I wouldn't even bother with a chat window, the OR's resolution is so terrible you wouldn't be able to read any chat unless you gave it a whole load of screen estate. Until they refine the screen door display a lot of people are going to be very disappointed at the graphics quality, which in realistic use is less than 640x800 per eye. And here's the clincher as far as SL and its users are concerned, if you can't run SL or any game at over 60 fps then the whole experience degrades drastically. Yeah you won't be able to read chat unless it is really big, but by then it will be taking up your entire view. Voice chat is the only option really. Also correct on the fps, any less than 60fps will hurt it a lot and you still need vsync on so everything doesnt rip apart. Even with these problems it will still be an interesting way to experiance SL. VR is still in its infancy but it will get a lot better eventually. Somewhere down the line it will look just as real as reality. I am not going to bother with the UI at all. We can wait for SL Viewer 4.0 for that. Linden Labs says they are redesigning the UI to work with Oculus Rift.
  13. ChrisAlex Sands wrote: I used to be a programmer "back in the days" too but i dont have a working environment to compile the SL viewer set up atm. Hmm... maybe i should give it another try? MSVC++ 2010 express works fine for me, and it is free. You are right though, it is a pain in the ass to get everything set up for SL.
  14. I have my code almost oculus ready but still waiting on my dev unit to test with.
  15. Yeah head tracking won't be too hard, it's already in SL. It is just a matter of moving the camera with the head tracker.
  16. Neth Paster wrote: I truly think Autodesk the makers of AutoCAD and 3ds Max have so missed the boat on not creating a server based metaverse that owners of there design suits can post an collaborate design. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Virtual Reality on the internet will be nothing without collaboration.
  17. Actually the rift uses the higher end 7" screens, but there are slightly better ones being made by a company in Japan... I am assuming these are the ones Palmer Lucky is trying to get his hands on for the consumer version.
  18. Good, others are doing it too. Hopefully they can get the UI right... I bet they will end up having to do a whole new viewer version for it.
  19. Here are a few screenshots... you can actually cross your eyes and see these in 3d.
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