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  1. Tadaaaa... 3D! The offset is a little exaggerated right now but just wanted to post a few screenshots to show I am making progress.
  2. Yes the images are not stereoscopic yet, that is my next step. I am using Firestorm source code,
  3. I got side by side rendering working... now to add frustrum controls and Oculus Rift SDK shaders. I am only doing a quick and dirty implementation of the Oculus Rift SDK because I think it's really Linden Labs responsibility to get all this working, not the community (virtual reality is a huge selling point for second life, and if they don't want to mess with it... well I guess they will just miss the boat). A lot of things aren't going to work.... For instance... since the resolution is probably not going to be high enough with Oculus Rift VRGs, a lot of text is going to be illegible. Also, the view has to be stretched around using shaders (which means what you see in this screenshot will be stretched to cover your entire view so you can't see the edges) so any UI that cannot be moved around will be totally unusable since most of what you will be able to clearly see will be right in the center of the screen. . From the way it's looking now, you won't really be able to do a lot besides move around and voice chat. A complete redo of the UI will be needed. For virtual reality, ui will need to float around in 3d space so you can set it somewhere like off to your left, or above or behind you if you wish. Having it stuck right in your eye will be undesirable and annoying.
  4. I have obtained the Oculus Rift SDK, and my headset should b ein this week or next week. Time to start coding!
  5. @8bitbiologist: That's an interesting proposal. Virtual Reality will change computing forever, and it will be good to get students started with this early. @JB - I am getting my dev unit in April too. Some are getting theirs in march I believe.
  6. I read that one, I am actually a big Gibson fan Second Life is perfect for this technology and I think Second Life can get a Second Life out of it.
  7. I will be coding the open source vanilla viewer to work with Oculus rift. First I will just do a simple version that only move the camera around with your head motions. If there is enough interest I may post a kickstarter funding project to develop a full Second Life Virtual Reality viewer that addresses problems such as moving your view around separately from the interface, or perhaps even a dissolving/fading interface so as not to interfere with your VR view. I may also include support for motion detection such as Leap Motion to replace the whole keyboard/mouse thing (such as a popup keyboard you can use your hand motions to type on). I am expecting my Oculus Developer kit in late March or early April 2013, so stay tuned to this thread for updates. If anybody is interested please reply to this thread with any thoughts concerns or questions. Thanks! - Cracker Hax
  8. Why look a gift horse in the mouth? I wouldn't say anything if I weren't being charged.
  9. Since the Second Life viewer is open source anybody can make an Oculus compatable viewer if they have the Oculus Rift SDK.. Oculus Rift developer kits will be available April 2013, I am sure there will be a few people messing with it (I know I will be). I think decent vr gear would give Second Life a Second Life.
  10. Helium Loon wrote: I've been considering pre-ordering the Dev Kit and SDK. I agree, this would be amazing with SL (as well as quite a few MMOs and FPS games.) I think the Oculus developers need to add a mic & headphones into the design (or at least a convenient way to plug earbuds and a mic) so voice can be done, as the keyboard will NOT be viewable. And having a 3D controller (like the spaceball/spacemouse/spacepilot stuff) is almost mandatory. Having support for those in the viewer as well would be a big benefit as well. Take a look at the Oculus design, it looks like you can wear a mic/headphone along with it. Also, it wouldn't be too hard to implement a virtual keyboard.. I believe windows 7 & 8 has a virtual keyboard built in (which would work well with Leap Motion)
  11. Maybe some day we will get kinnect types of cameras to record the upper body movements and facial expressions and transmit those to the in-world avatar (lower body should stay comfy on the couch). Check out Leap Motion
  12. I am in the Oculus dev program... I might mess with adding the sdk to the vanilla viewer. It has to be done. Everything in 3d with head tracking and leap motion. SL will be brand new again.
  13. Try selecting all joints in outliner before you attach the skin to the skeleton.
  14. Cracker Hax

    Rigged Mesh

    Next time it would help if you were a little more clear with your topic. "Rigged Mesh" doesnt tell us much.
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