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  1. For an Italian/Tuscan feel, look at The Grove estate. I like the adult N'Orleans idea, tho I wouldn't choose to reside there. I tend to hang in Moderate spaces. I love this idea, partly because I have no clear vision of what you're suggesting, not having visited. So bring it on! I also love the desert idea. My favorite time in SL was spent in the large desert section of the old Azure Estates. But it's best if you're living in the midst of wide open spaces, and that may not be feasible on a LH continent.
  2. I can't imagine LL taking the time to implement a per-country filter for anything. Besides, there are LOTS and LOTS of Brazilians in SL. Why would LL exclude Brazil from anything? But in this circumstance, I think (as others have mentioned) that clicks from continents other than NA may have more latency in reaching the servers, making it even MOAR difficult to win a Bellisseria home. That said, my latency to San Francisco is very low, and I still haven't gotten a house, despite using auto-refresh! There are limitations on how long I can spend on the computer during the daytime, and
  3. Hey! I can haz posts! Thanks Mo for putting the party together, and Ghosty for great tunage. And Maddy for drinks and appetizers It was great to see folks! Nice pics too - I haven't taken pics at parties for ages, I wish I had! However, if we do it again, can we nuke the trivial pursuit? I think having a trivial pursuit party is a great idea, it should just be billed as such. At a reunion I expect to catch up with folks and maybe reminisce some, and chat was just impossible. Was everyone else using voice or on a Skype con call and I just didn't know about it? I guess thos
  4. It worked just now for me, thank you!. The link from the inworld "upload options" page, as well as navigating to the mesh page from the aditi website, is still broken. But the link above worked.
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