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  1. Well - at this point we have little choice... I actually have both systems, and use CasperVend for some things, but still had Hippo running some of my rez-vendors and my product updates (since Casper was vastly different on those areas, I opted to just keep them "for now"). I also noticed today the estate I rent land with is using HippoRent, I'm sure there's still a large bunch of other estates doing that too - and once they notice they suddenly no longer have any access to the whole backend it will be quite a problem for them getting a smooth transfer to another system. I'm fine with a
  2. Wouldn't really help. All your existing products are trying to talk to hippos server via the specific website URL. And you cannot setup a new server using his domain name. Even if you have a replacement system for inworld scripts, you still need all those already-sold products redelivered with the new updaters. It also wouldn't be worth the effort to recreate hippos system, since there's likely already other solutions available already, but the problem really is those existing products already out with your customers...
  3. I have hippo updater in all my products too... without a server in the other end, it's not going to do much. I guess we'll have to find another solution for updates, you won't be able to use the existing hippo scripts for anything really.
  4. Looks like they just shutdown now today, main product website is down - mainstore sim is gone, the info website just had a post put up today saying: Sure would have been nice with a little warning, I would at least have liked to grab a list of my sales records, since SL only let us see transactions 30 days back... sighs...
  5.  The downwards spiral continues - I expect it'll get alot worse still, as we near the end of the month - people will NEED their money in RL, and will accept worse and worse rates to get them despite the heavy loss. This is how it looks as I write this... edit: actually there's already offers at 264 before I hit the 'post' button ;-)
  6. ...and it gets worse...  I'll agree with those posting earlier, for many years I've been cashing out at 247 (or 248 when I needed it done quick) so numbers like this, I consider really bad and an obvious recent change to an otherwises rather stabile rate.
  7. lol... nevermind, we figured it out - it was because we both had our Firestorm viewers set to automatically accept inventory offers - that apparently also mean you don't get those notices like you normally do.
  8. I've had several customers saying they're not receiving items they bought so I was checking it. During testing I noticed that I did get the items I was sending myself, but no notice whatsoever that I just reiceved an item (just silently got into my objects/ folder). I tried sending items to my wife, and she experienced the same thing, none of the usual notice that an item was received. Not when sent from an object or directly inworld, either via the IM window or simple drag and drop onto the avatar. Is there a bug going on that I haven't heard about?
  9. That old bug, Imagin - has in my experience never been fixed and can therefor not "come back" ;-) It's always a good general rule not to do that kind of stuff just before a roll, or atleast take a copy before you TP out. (granted a bit hard for terraforming). Sure would be sparkle sweet if it did get fixed though...
  10. They are all restarting again, apparently they first rollout "didn't take" as expected...
  11. Oh excellent - that (atleast at first glance) seems to do the trick and I can once again injoy an adfree site (lol). Thanks for the tip!
  12. I've had issue (mabye this past week, but never before that). I'm running Firefox - as it turned out telling AdBlock to allow ad's for the second life website seems to solve the issues I've had. (I had page load, then as soon as it was loading the ad's it would blank out the whole page and look like it was still loading, but never continue). I've never had it happen like this before, so I'll assume LL made some most annoying changes as I've always used Firefox and with the AdBlock plugin without any problems anywhere including LL's website(s).
  13. I was wondering if any other creators besides myself might be hoping for a LSL feature to control sound playing from links in a linkset. Currently of course, you'll need a seperate script in each link you want to play/loop or trigger a sound - as I'm always looking to optimize my scripting I have a large number of use cases for such a feature. I've ofcourse asked for some attention to these old Jira feature requests, but was met with the usual "we don't think many would really need that" answers - I mean, it's not like I was asking for support for JSON, which of course atleast 10 peo
  14. For what its worth I'm on the latest Firestorm, and the new TOS loaded just fine here along with working buttons...
  15. Dr. Who is cool BECAUSE it's so lame... it's like those horror splatter movies that aren't the least bit scary but people still love them. Eeeeexx-teeermiiiinaaaattttee....
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