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  1. !!Rev-Enj Designz Grand Opening Party!! Noon-2pm SLT Nov 2nd with LIVE singer & DJ! Edgy and Artistic style mesh with Rockabilly to unveil a unique, fun, & feminine clothing line GIFTS for ALL, Gatchas, & Store exclusives! With Special Guest Mimi Carpenter - live performer DATE: Saturday November 2, 2019 TIME: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Known for her distinctively gentle, French lilt, Mimi Carpenter's talent as a self-taught musician has graced the Second Life music scene for a decade. Mimi’s extensive song list doesn't just highlight the eclectic tastes and infl
  2. well. I posted this Wed morning at a lil past midnight @ 12:16 am.. Went to sleep and woke up and had my first conversation with this person on Wednesday at 11 am. Almost 12 hours had passed from me posting this, and our first communication. I checked chat log to make sure of the time. he is claiming I posted this at 6 am I am guessing he doesn't know how to tell time on chat logs? Either way I never spoke to him til 11 am in the morning, so why would it even matter anyway??? lmao. He unblocked me for a moment, and now I just think he might be a lunatic.Whatever though, you've helped me feel a
  3. Cindy. Thank you for that, you are so right... Then after he sent me a link. I tried to respond to him and literally it said "This member has blocked you for being a dumb *****, have a great day" and im like WTF, I can't even respond to any of it? So, you're right. How can you try to get to know someone who completely shuts you out when they get angry and irrational.
  4. I have gotten no responses from it at all; and all it has done is complicate something that could have been great; but now I will never know.
  5. ...yepp seems that way..... sadface. ... So the night of this posting, I also made a board at a dating agency, and I met someone whom I actually clicked incredibly well with. Then today, I get a message saying "This isnt going to work with us" with a copy of this posting here from the forum..... I made the forum post before we even met, so I really didnt see why the issue; mainly bc I was completely up front about everything I said in here. With them in our own conversations. SO there should be no surprise. However, now I really wish I could just delete this post, because all it has done
  6. Why is there no way to delete a forum post? Come on SL you can do better than that. ugh
  7. ~~~ SPOIL ME & I'LL SPOIL YOU~~~~ My perfect relationship situation- Seeking a man who likes to take control. A loving man who likes to show a woman she is appreciated. I love gifts and being in a virtual world; it is hard to feel a togetherness connection without showering your special someone with attention, loyalty, gifts, and affection. As a woman, I appreciate knowing that you are thinking about me; and wanting to make my time in world as happy and comfortable as possible. I dont mind giving you 100% of my attention when here; and not being employed as I prefer to feel spoiled
  8. Heyy! My name is Enjolie! A little about me. I have been in Sl a little over 10 years, & I am looking to broaden my Horizons and meet some new cool people! I enjoy building in SL, Exploring, meeting people and hanging out! I am an artist in RL, and I also do some art here in Sl as well. I love creative people!!! I run a few businesses in world, so I get into a little bit of everything here. I would be interested in meeting friends who are both male and female! For hanging out and chilling. I enjoy meeting people who I instantly click with, so maybe that is you? No pressure, and at the mome
  9. ***Evolve Art Gallery** GRAND OPENING!!! Enjoy a night on the town with a loved one or some friends, and come to the Evolve Art Gallery GRAND OPENING Featuring RFL Exclusive items. These items will also be available at the RFL Home & Garden, Breedables Fair; but at the GRAND OPENING these will be available to you now! Please feel free to slap the MM board for your FREE Gift while you are attending the Grand Opening Brand new RFL Exclusive 100% Mesh Original Hand Paintings in-world! Come pick one up today, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Relay For Life American Cance
  10. Serendipity Weddings is NOW Hiring for Wedding Coordinators, DJ's, & Photographers! Come and work for Secondlife's premier Wedding Sim! We offer fully customizable Weddings! We have many beautiful Venues to choose from! Company parties, Holiday Parties, Birthday and Rez Day Celebrations, Adoption Ceremonies, Bachelorette Parties, Baby Showers, Anniversaries, Memorial services and more. We offer Event services for all situations! Please check out our website link below, and I will also include a direct link to the application. Apply online, and we will get back to you asap to schedule
  11. Hello! My name is Enjolie Mccullough and I am an artist here in Secondlife. I just opened my new art gallery that features all 100% original hand painted artwork that I created outside of Secondlife. All of my paintings you see in my gallery are available for sale here in Secondlife or also in real life as well. I have been painting now for 2 years and it brings me a lot of peace! After a long battle with breast cancer at a young age I learned how much painting could relax and calm me! The name of my gallery is Evolve Art Gallery by Enjolie Mccullough and I will leave the SLURL here in this po
  12. Grand opening of Evolve Art Gallery! All New paintings! Original and made in real life by the artist and owner of the Gallery! All artworks are original and not copied from the internet! Must see! A great place to go for a date or just to hang out! We also feature Treasure Quest Hunt-Hunt for coins! So make some Lindens while you are hanging out! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/1taly/253/14/22
  13. Tonight is the Art by Enjolie & Rev-Enj Designz Grand opening party! Come with friends and have a look at some beautiful original art painted by me in real life! Bring a date or a friend! There will be free gifts to those who attend as a thank you! I will be there playing guitar for some tunes, and available to chat about art or answer any of your questions! This is some of the most vibrant art in all of Secondlife! You will surely turn heads with these on your wall! Stop by even if it's just to grab the gift!!! See you tonight
  14. Latitude Landing Restaurant is nestled next to Everlasting Love Weddings. Is a full service roleplay restaraunt. Diners enjoy having a live server during their meals! That could be you! Waitstaff gets to keep 100% of their tips! This won't be an everyday kind of job, so you won't have to stress about that. Very relaxed. Management will message you when a table has been booked and you can take it at your own availability! Please visit and fill out an application by following the link below: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Everlasting/120/209/23
  15. For all your family and date night roleplay needs! Come to Latitude Landing Restaurant which is nestled together with Everlasting Love Weddings! We feature a full service roleplay dining experience for you and your loved ones! You will get a live server, and a menu with hundreds of options to choose from! Whether you are on a date, or hosting a Wedding dinner Latitude Landing Restaurant is the place for you! We are also now hiring! Please stop in and fill out your application today- Hiring waitstaff. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Everlasting/120/209/23
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