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  1. If you can make Morphs work on a rigged mesh, you have qachieve dht eholy grail of Av makers.
  2. in an import from Maya to SL what does [name of item] failed to Upload:MAV_BLOCK_MISSING Upload_InvalidAsset mean? what's the problem with the model?
  3. there is a technique for fur from the Playstation 12 days, called "Fin and Shell" . You extrude "fins" from the vertical edges of your geometry, and "shells" from your horizontal geometry. The fins and sheells are then seperately mapped (Different material ID) to a map with a fur opacity map to it. With the Open Gl mug it's not all together optimal, but sometimes it wioorks well. Uchi Desmoulins used it for the arm and leg furry attatchments for the "Felis" avatar
  4. I am havign a similar problem. Using Maya I want to get offset joints to work. Unfortunately the links to your images in Drop Box are dead. Cannot see the pics.
  5. CAT, stands for "Chharacter Animation Tool" it's a prebuilt animation rig for Max that come native for 3ds Max and dispenses with Biped. It can be used instead of basic bones as well because it has tools that allow for ease of sonctruction and ease of use for animators. Since Max can export BVH files, I thought it might be easier to generate the skeleton, and also animate it to produce theanimations for the AO. If CAT is not supported byt eh max tools, then I guess that's going to be a wash though.
  6. A friend wants to make rigged mesh for Sl. He's a professional, but likes playing. He would like good viodeo tutorials for 3ds max or Maya. He does high level rigging for his day job, but is curious about second life, and wants to see if he can make his monsters as AV's for SL. Perhaps in ime for halloween? --Karl
  7. In an attempt to bring some unity into my possible avatar projects, in terms of generating animations as well as binding the skin, I had a thought to try 3ds Max 2013, Max can export FBX files for animation, as well as theoretically export skinned mesh to Second Life. Not sure if this is true though as the information is sketchy and my attempts, making a Cat rig with the same hierarchy, linkages and names as the official SL skeleton, then binding it, results in DAE files wheree the geometry is correct, but the option to export skinned mesh is grayed out. What am I missing or is it that the
  8. Deadf Link at Abloch.com Also no Blender information please as that would requireinstalling blender on my machine and that simply will not do. So where can we get the Adam Bloch files? Or any other? Scott
  9. Essentially we are making Playstation 2 quality game characters in Sl, witht he limitations of that format as well. For wrinkles you have to be artistic about it, in that you have to remember the fundamentals of cloth drapery, compression folds, and stress lines. Completely separate from this would be any book on depicting drapery in drawings and paintings. While I am not a fan of Byrne Hogarth's art books, his book, " Dynamic Drapery" covers the basics. SO what you ahve to do is model the wrinkles inthe mesh, using the art lessosn and observations from life. Also very careful weightin
  10. I am doing this for a couple of folks. it does help, the two are of different levels of skkill with mesh, but both are talented in their other work that it's just a case of giving advice. So find someone with skill, and curiosity and jump in. It helps if you both have Drop Box to trade files with, and also the same or at least compatible 3D programs so you can advise. Also a chat program or Skype works well too. --Karl
  11. Don't rig your mesh for this. Just bring it in as a simple mesh attatchment. there is nothing flexi about the mesh. Also bring in al the parts separately and assemble them as a link set in Sl that way it's easier for the purchaser to modify and adjust to fit better. we learned this the hard way on a Flight helmet.
  12. Contrary to the above example there has been a movement amnt the comabt sism (which is where my market is) that vehciles about 100L.I are prohibited. This has caused a few makers to get a little grumpy, but has kept the Sim Smooth. If that standard can be promulgated to Racing and sailing sims , it might help keep the sims smoother, and keep builders more honest, as it forces them to optimize. I have examinedusing Models collected online from various "free model" websites, but generally they are on either end of the polygon scale, and are not optimized for SL, nor made ina way to take adv
  13. Just going from what people were yelling at my face at an undisclosed SL Airport when I mentioned I'd be making some mesh aircraft soon.
  14. hit "ctrl+Alt+D" to bring up the "advanced" menu. go to the "Debug setting", and from that list scroll down to "rendervolumeLOD" the default will probably be 1.25. Change it to 3 or 4 (anythng after four isn't worth it), and meshes, and sculpts wil look nicer, farther away.
  15. No, but many of them are refusintg to run Mesh Clients for superstitious or self serving reasons. (A lot of women won't bu ymesh clothes because those on on-mesh compliant viewers would see them as naked.) Mesh acceptance rates seem to be climbing though. Scott
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