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  1. Is it possible to script a rental box that would follow real time and go by the same day every month rather than every 30 days or every week? So a script that would know when it's the first of every month or the 10th or whatever? I feel like this would be easier for me since SL land tiers are always the same day each month.
  2. Actually, it seems it was the scale as well as the vertex order. The layers of the hair on the bottom and inside needed to be lower in the vertices list. If you use Maya, for a single piece of mesh, you can do this with the vertex order tool, or what I did, it just depends on what order you select each mesh when combining them, so I selected the lower layers first then the outer and combined them.
  3. For anyone interested, seems to be working now. I tried sorting the vertices order though that didnt seem to help. It seems that it may have been a scaling issue as I had brought it into SL in centimeter scale then multiplied it by 100 in the SL upload window. I am guessing it wasn't doing a good job since it worked after I adjusted the scale before trying to upload it.
  4. These two models/textures are identical, but the one on the right is static, while the one on the left is rigged. I am using alpha blending for both, but the rigged one is showing edges differently for some reason, which I would like to get rid of. Any idea why or how to go about fixing it? I would rather not have to use alpha masking on it.
  5. I have been playing SL for 10 years as an active content creator and dedicated RPer and leader in RP community. I have been attending meetings with Lindens for developing Bento and Animesh, and those that are actually working at making SL better don't seem to have a lot of support. Linden Labs always seems to be focusing on trying to make new projects that don't go anywhere instead of trying to help SL achieve something greater. LL has always had a vision for what they wanted SL to be and ignored what it really was. Instead of maintaining sims that have been unchanged and unused for 10 ye
  6. I have been trying out Substance Painter recently and loving it, but cant seem to find a way to make the textures SL ready. I have seen some posts but looking to see if anyone has figured out a good workflow. You can light bake in Substance Painter now, but now with the shadows, and the bump/height detials dont come out well with the only workaround for it I have found there. In maya, I havent been able to produce good results with mental ray. It looks great with redshift renders but wont bake properly. Anyone have any advice?
  7. Thanks a lot, Cathy, for the suggestions. I ended up trying to delete some of the nodes that had been attached and managed to get it to upload, though I was having trouble again with the weights in SL not working properly. For that I ended up starting fresh with your skeleton from the wiki again, and I just got it working right again. Would just be great if I could pin down exactly where it's going wrong to avoid it in the future. I will check out those 3rd party plugins though cause I am sure this will probably happen again.
  8. Thanks Cathy, though I am actually sure the bones are all right as I can export with the skeleton with different weights on the model or the same weights on a different model. I am also not going over the bone limit as I am removing the legs, arms, hind limbs, wings, etc and just including the head bones and also trying them parented through the neck and chest to the pelvis, though that does not seem necessary. The probelm is a parsing error, not just no option to include skin weights. Typically, I woudl think parsing error would indicate a problem with the geometry, but seems to only occ
  9. Has anyone else had issues with parsing error on trying to upload a mesh head with bento? It's been a while since I have been focusing on the mesh head since there had been issues with the skeleton for a while, and now that I am, I have been getting errors over and over. I am working on a mesh head, rigged to the bento skeleton, and here are my results... Unrigged Head = upload Rigged head without custom weights = upload Rigged Mesh head with custom weights = parsing error Default SL head with the same weights = upload So, the model will upload fine both rigged and unrigged, but I get a
  10. I know it's super late to be bringing this up, but I am finding trouble with the positioning of the overlapping joints like mFacelLipUpper and Lower joints. Also the extra spine joints, I know I can move the joints to more convenient locatoins for myself, but I am trying to keep in mind working with the standard so that people can buy other animations that will work with my model. I think would have been helpful to have the joints in the face and spine that are currently overlapping have their own positions for the sake of having a standard for the spine joint locations that make more sense,
  11. This is the first update that has given me this issue though there have been other recent updates that did not include the Fitted bones that I was unable to try with. It is the fitted bones that are trouble though I think as I was able to upload a model that was not rigged with the fitted weights just fine. I should probably just try to figure out how to do this on Blender and see if I can export a clean skeleton because I am not as familiar with Blender to know what may be different. I noticed there was a setting that changed that the updates since have had "Segment Scale Compensate" off
  12. I am using Maya 2016, and I just export using Maya's Dae. No converter or plugin. This has worked for me for a while and not given me any trouble so far.
  13. I am having all kinds of issues with the latest skeleton update. I am using the same skin weights as previous versions. As far as I know, there have not been any changes to the bones for the body. On the left is an earlier version that I can still wear and looks fine. On the right is what happens if I upload the same model with the same skin weights and everything else the same. I also had this issue with the previous skeleton, that with the same weights, the shoulders are scaling out significantly larger. I have gone through everything over and over to make sure I was not missing someth
  14. I am not sure how it might affect the skeleton in Blender, but in Maya, I noticed this version of the skeleton has "Segment Scale Compensate" turned off on all the joints. For Maya, this means that when you scale a joint, it affects all the parented joints, so if you adjust the scale to widen the shoulder, the lower arm and hand will also go wider. I would imagine that if this is carried over to uploads into SL, could cause lots of issues. Also the skeletons dont have the fitted bones.
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