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  1. I think this is a great idea and rewards people that have created parcels that are for the community of Second Life where it is for enjoyment of all where the parcel owner isn't making a profit but rather doing for the joy of the community and the creation. Example the Calas(probably have wrong spelling) Parks. Also, it's a great idea to reward loyal customers of Second Life. Maybe there could be an agreed-upon criteria that Linden Labs could live with without it affecting their bottom line but still a nice reward. I know personally, I am disheartened the more the good sims are abandoned and gives me less incentive to log in and continue here so it's a good idea in my view to reward sims like this with some sort of incentive/discount to keep them around.
  2. I just found out my order of 8.33 US equivalent of Linden dollars was authorized over 30x one after the other. And I have noone live to talk to at my bank to dispute nor at Second Life. Dont know if this was fraud or if SL has or is having issues. Not happy.
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