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  1. I do not envy your situations. Difficult choices often appear when dealing with an unsatisfied customer, but the choices can be simplified with a set of firm guidelines for the merchant and the customer. Always meet the quality standard implied by your product marketing images Always assume the customer has a valid complaint and is truthful, until you know otherwise Always be consistant in your TOS and actions Always be very clear in all marketing as if you are targeting a first time buyer Always remember a good customer service story reaches TEN ears, a bad story will be shared by ONE HUNDRED
  2. I have just had a horrid time using MP the last few days. the uploads are hitting errors more often... the screens take forever to load... not sure what is going on.
  3. Actually... ^^, since this was written I have found more than a few business people looking at the notecards they use to send out notices ... and they have found in them one or two landmarks also no longer working. the only fix seems to be to save a new landmark, because the old LM in the inventory will always behave poorly when added to a notecard. Replacing the old LM with the newly created LM is the only fix we have found thus far. So... if you have a standardized notecard you send out as part of a periodical marketing push, check to see if all the LMs are working.. and think about including SURLs where you can as a back-up for customer use.
  4. Is anyone else having an issue opening LMs from notecards? This seems to only effect notecards i do not already have in my inventory. Also I seem unable to copy these new LMs from the notecard to my inventory. This is not the usual notecard functionality BS i typically see... I have relogged multiple times.
  5. Yes correct. i did not intend to imply that LL was making EVERYTHING open to build when it is abandoned. Forgive, what clearly appears to some as a more general statement.
  6. Currently many mainland sims are under a grief attack. If you own mainland, please shut off building for the general public. This not only can bother you , but your neighbors will also suffer. If only we could get LL to NOT have the land set to public build for abandonded property....
  7. Luckily my Av is in a coma right now (too much trying to handshake a lrge landmass) but i will bet she's still got a cigg going.
  8. I am so bored with waiting to get in world, thus the only question i have left is .. In the forums... How do you get those brilliant larger images in the background behind your avatar and the text below it? (see... already on to another interest)
  9. Well .. i would offer the use of my parrot but clearly her wings are as clipped as the birds currently being used.
  10. I always shudder a bit when i see the words "primary systems" in the grid status entries for an unscheduled maintenance.:mansurprised:
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