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  1. I am a gacha reseller, and it was to my understanding you could only list one gacha item per listing on Marketplace. My store has been successful the last several months until suddenly this morning- where I have been flagged for what seems to be most of my items and they've been marked unlisted. This is VERY disheartening. I have not listed anything new since before Halloween. Also, I am unsure of the reason precisely, as my emails say one thing ("The following flagging activity has occurred on [Haste] Shinju Harness & Panties Green, seen here (listing link removed) The item has been unlisted due to Listing Not Flagged As Adult') and my Marketplace says another (" November 14, 2016 08:56Product "[Haste] Shinju Harness & Panties Green" was flagged for Spam or Disallowed Listing Practices Item Spam (multiple listings for the exact same item)."So...was it because of multiple listings, or because clothing wasn't flagged as adult?? Or someone reported me or what precisely? Any help would be greatly appreciated... Thank you, Jenni
  2. I am searching for someone who could make a full body (Maitreya/Omega friendly) tattoo...looking to cover both arms, legs and my front and back with text. Can be done in english, japanese or old indian text. Looking for classy, pretty text. I have found a couple upon Marketplace that were close...but not quite what I need as they were system layers. Please contact ch41ns4wbunny resident in world or message here. Thank you so much! :)
  3. Friends list is MIA on here. I cannot log in, getting the same unable to connect to simulator message. My alt connected just fine...this is going on 5 hours now. I had been logged in fine, then still showed online (on my side) but IMs and groups stopped working for a few people...then suddenly I showed offline to friends and messages went to email, even tho for all accounts I seemed to be logged in.I logged out to relog, and bam...no longer can connect.
  4. I am using Firestorm as well...and am using the Magic Box, over 200 items loaded so I hope I don't need to undo that...LOL Jenny
  5. Hi everyone, My inventory was going crazy with so many extra gacha items, so instead of just selling in-world, I thought I may list some to Marketplace as well. Common thing these days, right? So all seemed up pretty up front, got my Magic Box, filled it, figured out how to get the items to the website and started creating listings...easy peasy EXCEPT for the error I keep getting when I try to make a listing active: 1 error prohibited this product from being savedThere were problems with the following fields: Magic Box items which are not limited quantity can not be listed. What am I doing wrong? I made sure I checked from unlimited to limited (along with the quantity) and still this shows. The only way this error does not show is if I click the inactive button at top...which, keeps my listing obviously, inactive. Is there something obvious that I am missing? Thank you in advance for any help! Jenny/ch41ns4wbunny
  6. I recommend the Omega library as well, especially since the Forum has closed. They have a LOT of books (notecards) regarding a whole variety of D/s subjects that are free and might be beneficial to read before jumping in head first.
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