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  1. This actually isn't true in the least that no one has managed to make a single client. While there was not stuff that went with the main grid there was things developed for stuff based off of OpenSim. RealXtend's early days come to mind where they build a client off of Ogre3D. It turned into other stuff eventually, but the early stuff was basically SL built on a diff 3d engine that also allowed for mesh import (this was way before mesh was possible in SL)
  2. For second life to gain ray tracing it would need to start switching its graphics api around entirely and it'd need to jump to vulkan or directX 12 to be able to do either of them. OpenGL does not and will never support real time ray tracing as the computing power required to do it requires a closer to metal API approach (lower level api like DirectX 12 and Vulkan).
  3. Also to be clear knowing about something that is going to happen vs a sporadic problem that has been happening intermittently since last weekend are not nearly the same thing.Being locked out for hours on end for unknown reasons and having no updates on anything. I guarantee you they knew about the problem and could of had someone take the 3 minutes required back when I made the initial post.
  4. You won't given I just got logged back out after being on.
  5. I've been around since 05 myself. The fact they aren't updating what is going on on the status page at this point though and you have to dig for info is questionable.
  6. Seems to be intermittent through the day at that. I got back on logged back off can't get back in. Still no update on their end that anything is happening either.
  7. Ultimately they need to update people on what is happening much much sooner and get these things under control. It shouldn't be multiple times in 1 week time frame this happens.
  8. Can't even put in a support ticket as the support site isn't responding at all.
  9. Yeah not really sure what the hell has been going on lately with stuff. It shouldn't be repeatedly taking people offline unable to get back in.
  10. Randomly got logged off SL can't log back in at all on any accounts. Other people in house are in world just fine.
  11. Well that is what I was asking. If they only set the land to group and didn't deed it the person will have no real authority to do anything there.
  12. You are aware that SL tends to have less people spending around the holidays than normal months yeah? Because typically speaking people tend to spend money on real life gifts and the like. SL also has the problem of you know not accepting gift cards so people can't readily use them. There are some big stores that are established now that don't rely AS MUCH (and pay attention to the AS MUCH) as other means because they are already established so they don't need to. There are also up and coming stores that have good products that don't have the bloggers, money for classifieds, or the like yet an
  13. New people looking that don't pay attention to the blogs etc still make up a good chunk of sales for any store. Many larger stores are pulling back from doing events too as it gets to be too tiring to do releases for events at all. Blueberry used to toss out releases for events, but has largely stopped outside of a once in awhile thing. The whole thing plays into sales and the like. You take all of it and put it together to be successful. The tools are there you use them and while search may not be as important to some stores (once they are established) it can be the diff between finding a new
  14. It is the only thing I can think of other than the land being set to group and not properly deeded.
  15. Or maybe the few that responded in the group don't care. Many people use caspervend that doesn't mean they are good stores and why they trying to get a support group for a specific company to care? I use caspertech stuff and vendors as do most other people that have products of some sorts (even land) in SL... Casper is to busy to be running out and taking care of issues that have been reported and the individual vendors aren't going to want to run around trying to solve it themselves. They expect LL to fix it. Again almost no high end vendors are using classifieds anymore. Maybe *****ty shops
  16. And my point is they aren't "large in my mind" they are large because they are large and have a high volume of sales with a good product line that is updated regularly enough to keep people coming back for a new item at least once or twice a month. Thinking a store isn't big just because they aren't memorable to you doesn't mean they are small. Shopping at big furniture or housing stores is diff than shopping at clothing stores and again almost every big furniture and housing store still uses search listings. Trompe Loeil, cheeky pea does, barnswurth anubis does etc. Almost all the top tier
  17. I can definitely attest to that being the case. Unless you have the proper group role with that authority it will not show to you period.
  18. Well Prok the reason you never heard of blueberry is you are largely living in the past and tend to use a male avatar and they make primarily fitted mesh female clothing. They are one of the largest stores in second life for several years now along with many of the stores that are affiliated with the region they are located in. You not hearing of them when you are not really a person that is really out there. The mesh clothing stores that sell stuff for mesh bodies are the large stores period. The other stores you may shop at you may think are large because you shop there, but that doesn't mea
  19. Okay I'm perplexed by this as it sounds like you have a sim itself and split off parcels? Is each parcel owned by that specific group? Is this a single parcel owned by a group or what? If different people own the parcels and it's a sim and your friend is a manager on the sim they can't see individually what the parcels are. If it is group owned land on a single parcel make sure that they have the owner tag on or at the very least the group active. Make sure they have refreshed the group and that you for sure saved them as being in that role. Also make sure the land is actually group owne
  20. I'm not sure you've actually researched that one yourself recently Prok. All the big name stores are in search and show traffic. Blueberry is by far one of the largest stores in SL and is in search and doesn't rely on classifieds. The stores relying on classifieds are usually a crap shoot and aren't all that large by any means. I actively shop and go around to places in SL. What you are stating is something that occasionally happens, but it is seldom the stores you actually hear about or would actually give a ***** about that tend to use those tactics or rely only on them. I can't name a sing
  21. To be fair many still rely on searches for some form of advertising too or as a means to find the place. Fashion blogs help, but they only tend to drive traffic momentarily when a new release tends to hit and a lot of people don't tend to rely on landmarks and instead rely on search. My place relies on search almost entirely (minus a few videos that have been made at the place that are floating around). It affects a lot of places period some of which are large and some of which are small, but as you say it's not about you and it isn't about your place, me, or my place, or any singular place. I
  22. Yep, while me and you may have had our differences in the past Prokofy I agree with you here pretty hard. It is affecting a lot of people and needs to seriously be looked at. No one like Alwin should be attempting to downplay just how bad it actually is. It is worst for people like you that have a lot of parcels that are in search directly as it is costing you money with no benefit while that is down. I've even attempted to toggle it off and then back on just to see if it did anything and it did absolutely nothing. Many many many places are down in searching including some of Second Life's big
  23. It's not exaggeration. I know of at least 2 dozen places at this point being affected including several LARGE stores and hangout spots. It's not an exaggeration when it is affecting a whole slew of regions not just specific parcels. Search shouldn't be messing up at any point in time to this degree considering how long it has been around. I'd of guessed it was affected regions on Second Life Server, however that doesn't seem to be the case as some places that do show up are on the version. I don't know why you want to attempt to downplay the actual severity of it being do
  24. I can attest to this happening on a lot of varying parcels. Places I hang out, my own place (Yiff Alley Lounge) and the like are all not showing in search outside of groups for them potentially. Something is definitely busted with search at the moment. There are a few entries that aren't the thing showing up when searching something, but they mostly seem lower traffic spots and the like and are few and far between. This is not affecting just ravenglass and i can definitely tell you that search is enabled for yiff alley lounge. I can tell you right now that it is effecting a LARGE number o
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