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  1. Thank you all for your comments. I've since solved the problem. Turns out although I thought I had deeded the land to the group, I had only set it. So I personally was still the owner. Once I deeded it, I was able to give others more abilities.
  2. Thanks for your comments. This is one sim with no sub-parcels. As the original owner, not renter, I have deeded it to the group, of which my friend is an owner. I will suggest that she wear her owner tag and try again.
  3. I think she's on Firestorm as am I. She is able to check prims on her own sim, so I'm sure she knows how.
  4. Thank you for your reply. She's already got all abilities in the land group, since she's got the owner role. That was the first thing I tried. But for some reason she still cannot access the prim counts.
  5. Ive made my friend an owner in the group to which my sim is set. Why cant she check the prims owned by various people under Parcel/about land/objects menu? I can but she cannot., even though she is also a sim manager.
  6. I am having the /me problem as well.. MOST annoying as I DO emote often. I cant believe LL hasnt noticed this, as there are a lot of RPers out there.
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