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  1. i've noticed the same thing when uploading my animations, and it happens randomly. i don't have an answer for it either but i did notice if i went back a few days later and played the same animation, the hands are as i adjusted them when uploading. Give it a wait and also try having someone else see the animation from their own viewer as you play it inworld and ask how they see the hands! Good luck and have fun! heatherr Noel
  2. Yes, it has always been and, most likely, will always be an issue, the various height levels of individual Avatars. The "priority" of a hug animation does not have to be 4 though. Hug animations are usually triggered, versus continual running/looped animations typically found in AOs. Users can either put the animation into a poseball, or "wear" it, as it's most often found Inworld, as an attachment, scripted to activate when worn. I'd suggest it run longer than 5 seconds as well. Animators can create/upload different height variations, as opposed to just taking your pick. Just adjust the
  3. If you're talking about the "undo" feature and it crashing, I have the same issue, and reinstalling doesn't help. I'ts been like that a very long time; however I still feel it's the better program above the others as far as ease and use. "ANIMATIONS ROLEPLAY SHOP"~ HOME OF ALWAYS FREE ANIMATIONS AND MORE!
  4. Why doesn't my shop Animations Roleplay Shop show up in search INWORLD OR SL home page? I pay for it weekly. My shop has been around 3 years and can be found NOWHERE when you type in the EXACT name of it in SL's home page "Search" (box up top of home page) EVERYTHING with the words "animations" or "roleplay" comes up EXCEPT my shop. When someone types in the exact name of a place it should be the FIRST one shown! especially when paying to have shop listed in "search" Go to google and type in Animations Roleplay Shop, only thing that shows up are Face
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