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  1. Need help to decorate your home, homestead or full sim? Love little details that makes a house a home, but you're lacking time or ideas? I can help you! Please contact me, Lisanna Lauria, in-world (notecard is always safer). See my previous work of the past 5 years here : Lauria Interiors. Service offered in english and french. No price card as each land is unique and I try to work around your budget.
  2. Dreaming of your own luxurious Toscana paradise? Don't look any further! See the high rez picture here : https://www.flickr.com/photos/lisannalauria/19553417103/ This gorgeous house (Redgrave Luton Manor) and surrounding is currently available. 1/4 sim, 3750 prims, L$4750/week. All you have to do is pay and furnish your house! - The house and landscaping count in your total prims. - Landscaping can be slightly customized to suit your needs. - Landscaping is automatically updated for each season. - Breedable,particules and other items that can ruin your neighbors experience are NOT tolerated. The house is located in a friendly neighborhood and is not/will not be hidden by plot dividers. You have the option to be invisible to your neighbors, and customize group/name/music/voice. Visit now! P.S. The neighborhood isn't totally done yet, please bare with us! :)
  3. Thank you for choosing my pic! :heart:
  4. Bleu Nuit is a new private lounge and club in a very chic environment. Our members must pay a subscription to have access to the club which keeps the troublemakers away! WHAT WE OFFER. ☑ Friendly / fun environment & co-workers. We hire quality over quantity and we take care of our girls. ☑ 80% of all your tips, and you dont have to pay for board rental or any other fee. ☑ Monthly events that will bring extra traffic, fun, excitement and tips! ☑ Escort-free environment. You are hired to dance and talk with our clients; we are not asking you for anything else. REQUIREMENTS. ☑ Good looking avatar, sexy and classy with high quality skin, hair, shoes, etc. and only human form. No exception. ☑ Your avi must be at least 30 days old. If you want to use an alt, we understand but you have to provide us the name of your main account. ☑ 18 years old or older in rl (age verified in Second Life) and be the same gender as your avatar. ☑ Fluent in english. No translator allowed. Any second language is more than welcome! ☑ You must work a minimum of 5 hours / week at the club. There is no schedule, so you can come and go as you please. HOW TO APPLY. Drop a NOTECARD to Lisanna Lauria with your SL name (not your display name) and a recent picture of your avatar. You will be contacted within 48h and we'll let you know if there is an open spot for you! Come as you are, we want to see your personnal style and uniqueness during your interview!
  5. Thank you for your interest in my work! Photostudio, pictures by Lisanna Lauria offers quality HD pictures and always makes sure you are fully satisfied. I usually work with an in-world background w/windlight settings, instead of just copying an avatar from a green background to a random picture. My prices are based upon USA minimum wage ($7.25 /h) and include shooting and photoshop. This way, you know you are getting great, quality pictures at a price that is fair for you, yet that is also fair for me. Remember that good quality pictures aren't worth 2$ USD per hour, but shouldn't have to be overpriced either. Contact me by dropping a notecard with your name fully visible and your needs and I'll contact you to discuss my availability and send you my price card. Please note that I do profile pictures, advertisement and logos but I unfortunately don't have the time to do individual vendors. This said, my pictures are send full perm and you have the right to crop them and re-use them for your vendors if you want. P.S. Je parle aussi français! *** Some of my work. WINNER 1st place at "Tour of Second Life" contest. (raw shot from SL, no photoshop) Shooting for professional models agency Random work. © Lisanna Lauria
  6. Il y a eu discussion sur certains in-world groups anglos que Linden Lab va bientôt remettre les noms de famille à la mode. Mais bon... ce n'est que rumeur.
  7. The land is set to a general group, some other people of the same group can't access their land as well. We aren't on the same sim, but part of the same group. I tried to TP to a closer sim and fly home, I can't TP at these sims either. I don't know if they belong to the same group as mine. And I'm suppose to have access to every type of land (mature etc) as well... I think mine is rated G but I'm not sure. Thanks for your help
  8. Hello, Since about 2h I can't access my land. I get "You do not have access to that teleport destination" as error. I thought the sim was down, but other people can access my land easily but can't manage to TP me in. I cleared the cache, turned back to noob avatar, tried to TP with landmark, home option, tp from other people, map option (entering the name of the sim).... NOTHING works. My alt can't TP in as well. WHAT IS THAT?? Please help! ty!
  9. It's most likely this skin by Ursula, with some brightness adjustment so the brows don't look as dark in the add : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Mannequin-white/1635253
  10. Hello! I'm making poses since a while now using Qavimator and today I came across a problem I never experienced and I can't find the problem. When I upload a pose and set the hands property (lets say I put "fist" for both), once I uploaded the pose it's the basic relaxed hands. All my joints are locked (nothing at 0) and I'm not wearing my AO either. I tried 3 differents viewers (V2, Phoenix and Firestorm) to upload the poses, and I uploaded them from 2 differents avatars... the problem is always there. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??? :matte-motes-crying: Thanks for any help!
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