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  1. JJ, I'm not a techie, but let me explain as best I can.... The viewer can't use a regular photo to render clouds. These files (see the downloads graciously posted above) are a bit like sculpt maps, RAW files, or alpha masks. While they are tga format, they are not photos that are simply rezzed in the sky as a texture might be rezzed on a prim. Rather, they hold information for the viewer to help it render--make--the clouds you see. These files determine the relative shape of the clouds; other settings (found in your environment settings) determine things like density and repeat of the clouds across the sky. If you want a picture of the sky from your back yard rezzed in world, at this time the only way I know how that can be done is to put that picture on a prim or prims. [As an aside, a webcam streaming sky might be a cool thing to do on media in world.] So far as your viewer crashing, I'll also bring up that mine did, too, even with these files, until I decreased the file size to 512x512. I'm in Kirsten's; currently 21 (5), but have been in 21 (6) as well. Try downloading one of the files above, resizing it, and see whether you get better results. And, if a more tech-minded person can elaborate or correct me, please do!
  2. Fabulous! This was done with the first file: The next step would be the ability to change the active cloud texture from within the (running) viewer as a function of Environment options instead of juggling the files in our various Windlight settings folders. Has anoyone opened a JIRA yet?
  3. When he deactivated the account, he should have received an email telling him how to reactivate. Have him check the email address he used when he registered his account (or the one he set up as his official email address later). It is my understanding that : Reactivation may be done, but is not guaranteed. There may be a USD charge to reactivate. Reactivation is available for 1 month after your account was deactivated. So, he may very well be out of luck. I suggest he try telephoning the account services number, 877-236-0711 (US & Canada), other numbers at: https://support.secondlife.com/contact-support/
  4. First, for those who don't want to modify hair, there are a number of makers who do hairbases and attachments. They include Boon and Amacci, but I know there's plenty more. Also, Boon does do a hat hair. I remember only a female version. Second, excellent tut, Marianne!!! Kudos for spending the time to do it. For those scared to de-link, I offer a way to do your adjustments without unlinking and removing the extraneous bits until the last step: Put the desired hair and hat on. Edit like for Marianne's tut. For the strands you don't want to keep, pull them away from your avatar, so they're out of your way while you work. Remember, if you change your mind, you can undo the move--even if it's not the last strand you moved--by selecting the individual strand and using Ctrl+Z. [Note there is sometimes a glitch with the viewer and Ctrl-Z does not work. I find deselecting and reselecting the piece usually fixes this problem for me.] I find this option particularly useful for those strands I can't see well. Once you are happy with your hair, detach it. Then rez a copy. Unlink. Delete all the prims you moved away. Reselect all the hair prims, making sure to select the root prim (often a small box) last. [This is often best done by using "Select by surrounding" technique, using Ctrl-Shift and click on the desired root prim to unselect it, then reselect it, which will make it the last prim selected.] Then link your hair. Paying attention to keeping the root prim the same will mean the hair will attach in the same position as it originally did. Otherwise you may have to refit the modified hair. As for the person who said it takes hours: Perhaps it did the first time. It gets much easier with practice
  5. Wow, thanks, Vincent! I came across that file while looking for something else and made a mental note of the possibility. I'm thrilled someone took the initiative. I can't wait to try this out!
  6. Pardon me, but after reading the release notes and downloading 2.4 and working with it a while, I can see no improvements with "antialiasing, anisotropic filtering, and snapshots", let alone stability. My viewer crashes instantly when I attempt a snapshot unless I turn over managing antialiasing and anisotropic filtering to my graphics card. I also see nothing in the release notes about snapshots and can see no difference in the interface or behavior. Also, the shadows/SSAO look absolutely lovely...for the minute or so before I crash. Just what was "improved"? Ever since July I've spent my time in 2.x with my draw distance at 64 and minimal enhancements and still cannot do much of anything before I crash. I don't think this viewer is any more stable and my SL life sucks while harnessed with it. I will say I am enjoying multiple clothing layers and attachments. They really enhance my creativity and ability to modify my avatar. Now, if I could just *do* something besides standing still on my land, please???
  7. Thanks for this explanation on multiple attachments, Winter. I was greatly disappointed to not find the setting in debug and, frankly, it was another reason I went back to the main viewer. Glad it works more intiutively--well, at least like multiple clothing layers--now. And I agree, demoing hair was an adventure Somedays I wondered if I was freaking out the unknowing by wearing 2 or 3 hairs at once.
  8. @ Imagin: I thought it was me when, after trying everything, antialiasing, anisotropic, feathering, Avatar LOD, verifying the above changes were application controlled and not still computer graphics interface driven, and still had the worst appearance with horrible jagged edges on my avatar and all objects I'd seen since I upgraded my computer 2 years ago. Changing the Device settings in the Preferences>Graphics tab did not produce a screen/view reset that I have seen with every other viewer. It was so bad I switched back to 2.1. Everything is back to "normal" now. I have a 9800 GT.
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