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  1. If you don't think that you're over, especially not near, the transaction limit call them on it. It is unethical, and quite possibly legally suspect, for them to ask you for your Social Security number unless they have a legal need for it. They can threaten to ban you but until they clarify how they are going to enforce this policy anyone who gets asked to provide paperwork should force LL to back up their policy and their right to collect personal data, especially a piece of personal data that identity thieves would kill for.
  2. Amethyst, true but I figure that being a longtime resident/seller and deeply discounting the cards might sway some buyers who would rather not pay full cost and are willing to take the risk.
  3. I'm sure this has probably been asked somewhere before but does anyone know if gift card reselling is allowed on Marketplace? I understand of course that they'd probably have to go into the "Used Items" category and there would be the general caveats around them truly having the value on the card (although many cards are use all at once or change the object name to reflect the balance). That being said, I can't think of anything that would prevent it.
  4. Innula, the people on the thread you linked to bring up a good point though, unless they are getting a major discount that isn't sustainable. I'd expect that to change at some point because there's no way that they are buying from Lindex (which ostensibly they have to) and charging less than cost. The alternative explanation is that the TPE TOS is a fiction and they're getting some discount window type of deal directly from LL for Lindens and are actually paying less for them than we know.
  5. Jadeclaw Denfu wrote: Won't happen. Reason: The Landbarons. The land rental business is only possible in this form, because the landlords can accept L$ and convert them back into US$ and pay tier with that. Preventing the conversion/pay out via the LindeX would kill it. Imagine the big landbarons start dropping Estates/Regions - That's similar to a grade 7 earthquake on Battery Street. Btw. Eldexchange has applied as an authorized reseller as well, when they get the permission, I will stay with them, as they served me well in the past. And good service should be honored. They h
  6. Point 10 in the Reseller TOS strikes me as something that might bite resellers in the butt. Since they are required to inform LL of any unauthorized transfers/gifts to their reseller account then someone who knew the account name could, in theory, repeatedly and over a period of time send the account L$ forcing the reseller to spend time reporting them all to LL. Also, point 16 is interesting, it requires exchanges to carry insurance, presumably to cover them in case of fraud and any lawsuits that might ensue because of any real or accused fraud that might occur through the exchanges.
  7. I truly believe that it is only a matter of time until LL stops L$ to USD sales on the Lindex and makes it so that people can only buy L$ (from them). In the meantime, since the only way for Virwox et al. to get Lindens is from LL, they're only going to be worthwhile to people who for whatever reason can't use the Lindex and they're going to be a penalty for that privilege in the form of higher fees and a worse rate of exchange.
  8. They need to put a sign on the buy Lindens page that says Abandon hope all ye who enter here.
  9. Definitely not worth upgrading for but if you've already upgraded or are planning on upgrading (perhaps for the 50% off deal) then it's definitely a fun little bonus, that is assuming you have no problem crashing and (metaphorically) burning every time you try to cross a sim in it.
  10. Darrius Gothly wrote: Suppose a Customer is using a Viewer that does NOT support this additional API and thus does not know about or support the two new folders. When they purchase something from a Merchant that has opted to use Direct Delivery, how will they be able to find and retrieve their purchase? How will they be notified it was delivered? Since there is a new API, I am assuming it is already being added to Viewer 2 at this time. How will the Customer be notified under the Viewer 2 User Interface that their purchase has been delivered to their special Incoming Purchase folder? I d
  11. Couldn't have happened to a bigger sleazeball. Hopefully now he'll have to deal with his own customers being pissed off at him and not just his critics if the buyers of Redzone are being exposed by this breach. Remember, revenge is a dish best served vindaloo hot.
  12. I have to agree with Chelsea. Generally I'm all in favor of helping the Lindens enforce the rules but as someone who pre-dates the gambling ban I can honestly say that this was one of the ill thought out bans ever since LL is relying on us to enforce it for them entirely. Let hte Lindens spend their time and money on enforcement.
  13. I don't like this as much as forums v.1 but I definitely like this a lot better than forums v.2, definitely a lot more user friendly and functional although color scheme customization would definitely be nice. maybe LL green in a pastel scheme.
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