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  1. Bonjour a touts . Ils aurais tu un moyen De demander a Linden lab De faire laiser les script modifiable dans les obj Script et Note . Parsque avec tout les table de jeux ou des vetement et plain autre a des script qui son copier De secondlife dans un bibliothèque linden lab comme creation et les builder le font non copie et non modifiable et parfois toi tu perdre tout tes obj .. hier jais acheter une table de jeux est tout englais pas modifiable et non transfer je ne peux meme pas editer les note la dedans pour le traduire tout les mot en francais . parsque la table est englais quand i
  2. hey first i am on secondlifr for a long time and when i did create my account the security questions i never have it . i have it back but is not secondlife did help me anyways
  3. @Kristin Linden the support are not helping me i did give all info . i did said many time i owned that account . i repeat and repeat i did give the info . are not want help me to reset the account .. the support are very weak x-x
  4. X_X yeah well i am french so i do a video atm . to show . I did write in french . the problem i not have passtiance . im frustrate fast ... I did have lot problem with world of tank too so ticket support . hard for me . so yes the account have have no security question i not know . and same for alt i not know .. so i show are the same pc i will send it soon .. i doing how i can x-x
  5. I know but is really me . i never have this security question . im stuck with that are cant not help me . is nerve me that new system . not easy for someone are forgot everything too . i did like 3 tickette . im french is more complicated
  6. That System cant not help for many of people are on second life if are lose password account . because we are no able see it on second life page . or people do not have or forgot ... I wanted to call second life for easy ways . on the phone said we are no able to support you for the password on the auto respond computer ... have account i created for me and many are old account . are never asked me to enter security question . and i am stuck with this news system cant help me have my new password or having my password back . >>>>> please secondlife take off turn this off . secu
  7. Ok i try to fixe one of my account . and i ask for got my password back as i did lot of tickets to try . have my password the new system are in place . Now i not know are fake or not but all this are annoying me . so i did talk with one are eveline Linden . are ask me where i am so i did give my last connection and where i did write the account ... the funny parts is this <Redacted> ((( How you want i can know that When i create my account i never got ask me a question of this ... aie if i start lose my password im ***** up I have no security question the support cant not help me
  8. Bonjours . je voudrais savoir . Ci je vais perdre mon compte de secondlife ????? Parsque ils a na beaucoups qui perdre leur compte sans savoirs . jais vraiment pas envie de perdre mon compte puisque je ne me connecte pas souvent .Jais un ou deux pour le role play ou etre tranquile Dans mon coins mais je fais rien de iligals ... jais beaucoups de amie qui me dite que LL efface leur compte . et jais peure de tout perdre Deja que je parle pas le englais sera deficile pour mois de leur parler parsque ces sure le telephone.. pour quoi beaucoups de persone ce fais perdre leur compte si ils on rien
  9. I know right somone in the secondlife spam everytime all days all hours [2016/08/18 08:23] MariliaViarek Resident: Can someone lend me 100L? Please help me complete 1250L for pay my rent, I promise pay back tomorrow. I cant banned from groups all i got that many days I did send message support and abuse . same persone still there like 1 year never be banned wtf LL doing
  10. I cant pays nothing x-x i have credit card set and many time he says i can buy always fails
  11. hey hello We got a manny stupide people be only play to spam all the time the groups a manny groups The problem His when you can mute the resident or when you Kick Him on the groups too he still inside the chats groups . always >>.. the Probleme his we cant kick him (2), when you write on the groups chats He be unlocked i mean be unmuted . So How we can ride this problem . i really not know but one thing i do his to delleted the groups . that sad but anyways. Be good we can have spam controls inteligent spam chats only in the groups if one do is chats can be blocked for 6 hours No voice
  12. bonjours Jais vraiment des probleme avec des resident dans secondlife Qui arrive avoir mes infomation . maime que jais creez un autre personage dans le sl. pour avoir autre amie jais reporter telment cette persone que linden labs pas fais grand chose. Tils un moyen je peux cacher mon ip et de me ammuser sur sl avec autre ou avec un autre amoureux serieux , Quabd un vole tes info de ton service internet pas amusent connais pas vraiment cette persone je me demande comment ils a fais .s,v.p sa huge je dois faire quoi . jais fais telment de reporte ils est toujour sur sl
  13. Hello i got probleme what is that http://i736.photobucket.com/albums/xx10/renards89/trool_zps5f76b5c6.jpg and how to get ride off that on my viewer
  14. Hi i have same question and lot trouble too i be accuse For be other and he says he have my ip adress and is not me and Xarusdragon he lie or using tool on sl i not know but i think be good to give a warning to stop is **bleep** and my friend i did talk i says same thing like . the forum says . if have tool for see ip well hacker need be banned
  15. Oui je ces mon profils est ok. ces que le site ne suis plus maintenant le serveurs second life ils bug . avent qui commence avoir un bugs tu pouvais savoir si la personne ta bloquer ou effacer ca liste ou voir enligne . quand un amie te efface de secondlife ils te efface de my'secondlife ou-ci . jais bien vérifier jais fais un alts .fais un test oui le site a un problème je mute ils reste ouvert je efface mon alt dan sl ils reste amie sur my secondlife. pas bug tes muter ou effacer . la le site bug
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