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  1. I know it costs to run companies, and i don't think any of us that pay for sims, don't understand the maintenance involved, and LL's right to a profit. But how much money is enough? Look at all the sims out there, that are up and running, and i can't believe there's not an exorbitant amount of money being made here. Good internal management of a company speaks volumes to me. Highly paid upper level management at everyone else's expense, including their own employees, which i could suspect may be the case here, says its all about how much perhaps they are looking at their own salaries and bonus's rather than keeping SL alive and well.

    I would be the first one not to complain if even the programming advancements were more forthcoming, better thought out, the V.2 viewer being the prime example.

    Yes i agree there could be more stringent terms placed on who gets educational discounts, and who does not, am sure there's some cloaking of requirements on some sims, and yes if its for education, prim usage could be lowered and not affect the quality of that.  But i know for a fact that any corporation that ignores civic responsibilities, and charitable needs of its community, is on a downward slide that usually cannot be stopped once that thought process and policy becomes fact.

  2. All excellent points shockwave, i think LL should take one further step, that adults allowed on the teen "G" grid, have background checks done to be sure they are not pedifiles.

    The pricing in this time, when most have lost their jobs and are hanging on to their homes by the skin of their teeth is not the time to increase ANYTHING..in fact they need to come down on pricing to reflect if not anything else, the reduced quality on an already horrid customer service department.

    i am a member of a sim group, that buys and sells used sims, and the going rate for one is about $325 to $450 USD, if that says anything about the economy in SL, and they drop ads for sales about every hour, from different individuals, one man week before last put 40 full sims and 10 homesteads on the blocks for less than half price. Yeah ppl are leaving in droves, someone in San Fran needs to put the hooka down and breath in some reality and soon.

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