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  1. Ah, I found it. It was where I first thought, and I'm amazed
  2. Vinland, Utgard, Asgard, Valhall, Viking Fjord, Picknose, Nasegrev, Hulder, Troll Peaks, Volve Valley, ... Yeah - I'm in a bit norse mood here...
  3. Dear @point Coage I guess we all here understand your frustration, despite the variations in attitude. After all, a Linden home is one of the perks of being a premium member in SL. For some, it's not an important one, for others, it may be the main reason - I have no idea. Technically, Linden Lab doesn't promise more than they can give: There are lots of Linden homes available, in four different themes, each with several different buildings to choose from. Plus, of course, the new homes being built in Bellisseria. The ones that have caused a renewed excitement, community feeling and commu
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