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  1. Ah, I found it. It was where I first thought, and I'm amazed
  2. Vinland, Utgard, Asgard, Valhall, Viking Fjord, Picknose, Nasegrev, Hulder, Troll Peaks, Volve Valley, ... Yeah - I'm in a bit norse mood here...
  3. Dear @point Coage I guess we all here understand your frustration, despite the variations in attitude. After all, a Linden home is one of the perks of being a premium member in SL. For some, it's not an important one, for others, it may be the main reason - I have no idea. Technically, Linden Lab doesn't promise more than they can give: There are lots of Linden homes available, in four different themes, each with several different buildings to choose from. Plus, of course, the new homes being built in Bellisseria. The ones that have caused a renewed excitement, community feeling and community building. The ones we all (for some definitions of "all") want to have, for various reasons. Being built are the keywords here. More will come, to cover the demand. Did anyone know how much in demand the new homes would be, or did it take them by surprise? Was it correct of them to release when they did, or should they have waited until they were finished with all their styles, and everyone could (hopefully) get the one they wanted? Not an easy answer - there's points for and against both views. As it is, the hundreds of Bellisserians has tested more than the handful of moles (and Lindens) could do in the same time frame, bugs caught earlier and fewer homes to correct. Of course, many are waiting to get their homes, some with frustration, some annoyed, and some just waiting with anticipation. I guess the frustrated and annoyed ones are the most vocal, but it's just my guess. I was one that looked forward to the release of the new homes - I sooo wanted a houseboat, and hoped it would be possible to sail for long stretches from there. I was also one of those totally oblivious to when it actually happened. I missed the second release, too. So I waited, in anticipation for the third batch. The thought of getting an abandoned home took some time before it took root in my mind. But when it did: Refreshing and hoping to get an abandoned home always gave the result that I was too late. Until one day I fumbled a lot extra and spent more time than usual. Then I got my home. Same for a friend; she had almost given up on getting a home, even with auto refresh and alarm, until she one day noticed the alarm had gone off a while ago. She filled out without any hope - and got it. Did we get the ones that set off our alarms, or did we get some that became available after that? No idea. The point is, it's always possible to get an abandoned home. Maybe not a big comfort for you, but on the bright side: It's getting easier and easier to get a home, due to less competition for them as more are released. And how many will abandon their current home for a trailer later? And that rumoured fourth option, shrouded in secrecy... 😉 I will not tell you what the right option for you is, but if you want a home in Bellisseria, you will get it. Maybe not tomorrow, but you will get it. The only one who know if the other perks are enough to keep you as premium or not, are you. If you do decide to wait and see, try to wait in anticipation rather in frustration and anger. It won't make the waiting time shorter, but hopefully a lot more fun.
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