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  1. I heard this wasn't working for mac after the lion upgrade, but happy to report that i can still use the one that worked on snow leopard on mountain lion. use this link http://referencethis.com/QAvimator-osx-universal-svn-2008-12-06.zip
  2. Mesh is sometimes invisible to me, but it goes away after a fresh log in. Steps to raise LOD on a mac: turn on the Advanced menu CMD ALT SHIFT D Show Debug Settings Search for "RendervolumeLODFactor" change value to 4. its nearly always too low for good viewing. You'll start doing this routinely after a while:matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  3. I made this for documentary reasons, hopefully it is entertaining too.
  4. New machinima posted last night. The builds will stay up a couple more days before they get derezzed. North Fells sim.
  5. 32,176sqm in Raimondo. Protected waterfront. 250,000 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Raimondo/73/104/21
  6. *pokes more* aha. i have to be logged in at the website to see all of it. it bothers me that I need a second application open to do this.
  7. So I finally switched to viewer 2, and I am horrified to find that profiles are not viewable (well, ok, they are, if I open my web browser). After stabbing around I find a way of viewing a profile from poking at someone in the group chat window... but i see no group, and no picks page, only the barest of bones of a profile. Pretty? Sure. Useful? No. The trend to form over function continues its downward tumble? This must be killing inworld shopping. And most inworld merchants I know are all considering downsizing for lack of sales. Please put the old profiles back in the viewer.
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