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  1. Also, important note: "I would rather people didn't get the idea that sending up a Mole Signal in the forums is a good way to get help -- I will help when I'm around but normally it's best to ask support to restart the region if something like this happens." - Quartz Mole
  2. In case you guys were wondering: Quartz Mole said, " ... it's a phenomenon I've come across before.. can be caused by several things but essentially the simulator's records are confused and it thinks there's an obstacle where there isn't one." "...it's a long-standing issue that's fortunately very rare now, or at least I haven't seen in several years, but a restart fixes it. It's what we used to call "ghosting" but that now seems to cover a lot more." (I asked for permission to quote him.)
  3. Ok. Restart removed the problem. Yay! Thanks for rushing to my rescue... all of you!
  4. Quartz Mole is here! May be a restart coming.
  5. Good thought. So, when I changed house styles and went back to my house style, the problem was still there. However, I tried your suggest while standing on the mystery object and it did cause me to fall.
  6. Okay... I have removed everything in the bedroom, deck, dining room, backyard and kitchen. Here is another pic showing the list of objects, sorted by distance, in "show transparent" mode: https://my.secondlife.com/perrain.berenohn/snapshots/5d1cc5b373ed177f29000001?version=original
  7. The weird thing is that I cannot select it, it does not show up on a list of objects in the parcel, and it does not show up when using the "show transparent" command. I am trying to remove objects I added since the problem started, although I am not exactly sure of when this thing "appeared"? I don't think it is a neighbor's object extending in, since I have also checked a list of all nearby objects and there is nothing close to me when I am standing on it that could be this thing. I have just finished setting up my house, and now I fear I will have to tear each thing away one by one!
  8. Help! There seems to be a mystery object that extends through both floors of my Linden home. It prevents me from walking to or through both doorways to my backyard. This was not there when I first moved in; so, it may be something I have done. However, I cannot select this thing. Neither does it show up on a list of objects of the parcel. Showing transparent objects does not show it either. I have also rerezzed the house, but the problem is still there. Here is a picture of me after landing on this mystery object: https://my.secondlife.com/perrain.berenohn/snapshots/5d1cbde7d774f877b5000001?version=original Any ideas?
  9. My pool is raised above the ground. If you want to swim in the pool, I think you have to do this. Terraforming is not allowed, if I remember correctly. Some pools come with stairs. This one did not. I just made stairs using some extra stairs that came with my spa. I had to copy, resize one copy, link, and then copy the whole thing again. I am not happy with the fact that the pool is higher than the sills of the back windows of the house. I will probably try to find a smaller pool. This one has a low LI.
  10. Congratulations on your 100th post, Raspberry. Thanks for the warm welcome.
  11. I finally acquired a house in Bellisseria. I had been hoping for a houseboat, but I thought I would give this a try. So far, I am loving it! Flickr Album: https://www.flickr.com/gp/120995073@N05/3Q6x3g
  12. I sailed around Bellissria in one day. Here is the link to the photos: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmEtYCV2
  13. Hey people. Stop bullying each other. Stop being snippy, snarky, and rude. Advice, opinions, and experiences don't need to be accompanied by insults. If I was moderating this forum, half of you would be gone.
  14. Great. So, I know that when I finally get lucky to get something, it will probably be some crappy one nobody wants. I don't even care... I will take anything. My guess is that none of them is awful. Right?
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