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  1. Congrats Patch! Well deserved! 🙂
  2. Awesome shot! WTG Nikolai! :-D
  3. Way to go Ricco! Excellent pic! :-)
  4. Excellent work, Nikolai!! Congrats!
  5. Thank you so much Apuh! :matte-motes-smile:
  6. Thank you very much Franko. :matte-motes-smile:
  7. Thank you very much. I am so honored. :-) Congrats also go the owners and creators of The Venice sim at Prada. Go and explore this amazing destination in Second Life. It's well worth a visit!
  8. Tossing my L$0.02 into the ring. :matte-motes-grin:
  9. Marianne's photos are always awesome! :matte-motes-smile:
  10. One more for the road. This one is called Pegacorn. :matte-motes-big-grin:
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