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  1. Won't be available for another 2 days as I still have a renter in it. Buyer pays transfer. If you want to keep the grandfathered pricing that is $150 (L$39,000). A non GF Homestead costs $109/month. A GF homestead costs $95/month. The last homestead I sold went for L$50,000 plus transfer 10 months ago. Tier date is the 28th. I am only accepting offers before the 28th. Please IM Lizard Howl in world to make an offer. I receive all my offline messages to my email so just send your offer and I will let you know.
  2. PM Lizard Howl in world. First one with a good offer gets it.
  3. I haven't sold a sim for a while. Make me an an offer. Please send me an in world IM or email biz@segarraestates.com
  4. These were sold pretty much right away for a great profit. So they are no longer available.
  5. Tier Date is the 23rd. Buyer pays transfer costs. Unless these go fast I am just going to abandon them. so make me an offer I can't refuse. Send me IMs in World. Chances are I won't see messages in this forum in time.
  6. Grandfathered Homestead for sale $250 + 300 transfer fee - total cost for you $550, don't pay tier until the 23rd IM Lizard Howl in World
  7. Grandfathered 30K Full Region $1200 USD - ($600 + $600 transfer fee) 30K prims. $225/month Tier. Due Oct 17th. If you don't want the 30K prims you can probably ask them in the transfer ticket to reduce it to normal without filing a separate ticket or paying separate fee. But that is up to you--I will leave that to you to sort out. If you go back to normal 20K prims the grandfathered price is only $195/month. IM Lizard Howl in world. No notecards please. Just send an IM.
  8. Grandfathered sims tier rate is $195/month instead of $249/month. So you save $54 every month. But LL charges $600 to keep the grandfathering in a transfer. It is pretty close to it's tier date, LL would only have 3 biz days to complete the transfer, and let's face it, they are usually not that fast. So I am going to set the price assuming that I will have to pay the $195 on Sept 20th. We can work those details out and put explicit instructions in our tickets to make sure everyone is protected on the deal and nobody overpays. To buy with grandfathering and not pay tier until October 20th: 500 + 600 transfer fee, total purchase price $1100 IM Lizard Howl in world to make the deal.
  9. Keep the grandfathering or not LL charges more to keep the Grandfathering with a transfer. Grandfathered Homesteads cost $95/month, so you save $14 per month. So here are your price options Keep the grandfathering: 100 + 300 transfer fee - total cost for you $400, don't pay tier until the 8th Don't keep the grandfathering: 100 + 100 transfer fee - total cost for you $200, don't pay tier until the 8th IM: Lizard Howl to mke the deal
  10. Taking offers on a Grandfathered 20k sim. Just paid the tier on the 20th. I will hold all offers until tomorrow Friday the 26th at 5pm, when I will make a decision, so send your best and highest offer to Lizard Howl in world. Minimum bid $1100 plus $600 transfer cost.
  11. 5000 prims, monthly fees $95 To keep the grandfathered low monthly fee, I believe the transfer cost is $300 I am taking offers on how much above the $300 transfer fees you will pay me for the sim IM Lizard Howl
  12. I am selling my full sim, tier of $195 USD/month (grandfathered). Tier is due on the 14th of each month. There is a $600.USD transfer fee payable to LL for keeping the grandfathered status of this private island sim. I am asking an additional $995.00 USD, for the sim. Keep in mind that a grandfathered sim saves you $100.USD of tier every month (and they are no longer available directly from LL). IM Lizard Howl for details.
  13. Sim name: Mira Mare Tier Date: 26th Price: $125 ($325 if you want to keep GF status) First to file a ticket and IM Lizard Howl the case # and the price option gets them. Transfer must take place before upcoming tier date.
  14. Lizard Howl


    Sold I have 3 homesteads that I am only looking to cover cost on. (so about $100/month each for a total of about $300 per month) They are together in an L shape. IM me. I want to have a solid arrangement by Sept 21st and a payment by Sept 22. Payments really should be USD via paypal subscription. The lindex is too unstable and I don't want to end up losing $ if it takes another dive.
  15. Actually I made an error. Sorry its been ages since I had 3 HS sims for sale. We can group the on one ticket. So the price for all three (not keeping the GF status) is only $175. (I have edited the post to reflect this) I doubt this would also apply to the grandfathered transfer fee. But feel free to ask. Time is runningn out tho. If i don't have a sale ticket in by the end of today it's too late, they'll be flushed.
  16. That is correct Sonof....if we make a deal to transfer the homestead sims and buyer keeps the grandfathering then I as the seller must pay a $300 transfer fee in a normal transaction. Just covering my expenses as any intelligent business person does. However you make a goos point. the cost of buying the sim non-grandfathered and then buying down for $180 is a much smarter business move. And anyone who wants to make an offer on one instead of three is welcome to. Sure Amethyst. Anything can happen. That's what they said all those years ago too, when LL first stopped allowing grandfathering to transfer.
  17. SOLD 3 grantfathered homesteads for sale full transfer. Sim names: Sculptie Animals, Sculptie Experiements, Sculptie Wonder Tier Date: 23rd Price for all three: $175 (for all three on the same ticket) if you do not want to keep grandfathering (incl transfer) $975 (I don't know if LL will do the one transfer for all three on same ticket if you want to keep the grandfathering you have to ask) if you want to keep grandfathering (incl transfer) Note: These sims are currently positioned together on the map in an L shape, and I don't care if you move them. That is up to you. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sculptie%20Experiments/15/237/30 INSTRUCTIONS: First to file a ticket and IM Lizard Howl the case # and the price option gets them. Transfer must take place before upcoming tier date.
  18. Sale Pending Full Prim Sim For Sale Full Transfer Sim name: Mata Hari Tier date: June 14 Price: $175 (incl transfer) First to file a ticket and IM Lizard Howl the case # gets it. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mata%20Hari/128/128/21
  19. I will rent a half sim for one month for $99usd payableby paypal. The half sim is available from now until sometime in the first week of July. There is some flexibility on rental dates. The region is grassy texture, and Adult rated. You get EM rights for restarts. If you have an event, a wedding or something you want to pull out all the stops on, you wont find abetter deal than this right now. Contact me in world for arrangements.
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