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  1. Linden Lab is pleased to announce that we have been acquired by IMVU!
  2. I must be doing something wrong, then. I have my offline IMs sent to my email too, but they are still being capped. Is there another setting you have to toggle too, to make this happen?
  3. Yeah, I attempted to install the fglrx driver several times, from direct download, using the restricted driver installer, etc, but they all give me the same original problems I've outlined in this thread. I'll give the fglrx install another try, though.
  4. Hmm, couldn't find an edit button for my last post... Okay, just to see what would happen, I removed the fglrx driver, and now glxinfo gives suitable output. server glx vendor string: SGIserver glx version string: 1.4server glx extensions: It seems to have an empty 'extensions' section, that's not a mis-paste. Since that seemed to work out, and although my video looks horrible in terms of 4:3 on a widescreen monitor and what looks like fewer colors (I have not yet tweaked any xorg settings yet!), I tried to launch the viewer. The viewer loaded the login page, and I got excited, put in my
  5. "ldd do-not-directly-run-secondlife-bin|grep found" Gives me: libalut.so => not foundlibcollada14dom.so => not foundlibllcommon.so => not foundlibfmod-3.75.so => not foundlibglod.so => not foundlibtcmalloc.so.0 => not found "glxinfo | grep server" Gives me: X Error of failed request: BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)Major opcode of failed request: 138 (ATIFGLEXTENSION)Minor opcode of failed request: 66 ()Serial number of failed request: 13Current serial number in output stream: 13 All of the "missing" libs do exist in the /lib/ folder, I double chec
  6. Hey there, everyone! I was trying to get the SecondLife viewer up and running on my Ubuntu install, but was not having any luck. I am currently using the proprietary fglrx driver, if that makes any difference. I've had it working before a long while back un Ubuntu 9.x, but I'm just getting around to setting everything back up on my newer computer. I've tried several things, including the basics, but nothing has helped so far. Who knows, it might actually be something basic that I've overlooked. Basic system info: Viewer Version: SecondLife-i686- System: Ubuntu 11.10 3
  7. DMCA: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Millennium_Copyright_Act
  8. I hit up the Subscribomatic kiosks for free gifts, or if it is a store which has new items I love (Ducknipple comes to mind). The actual group, I'm much pickier about, becuase we are limited to only a few groups. I reserve those for groups which have tons of other users and/or frequent updates (Amaretto Breedables for example), or products I have questions about on a regular basis (Sculpt Studio, Mice on a Beam, etc).
  9. Where or when will the October gift for Premium Membership be available? It is now October, and the vendors all have the September gift inside! I thought for sure they would have the new gift available come October 1st. Update: Well, I guess the wording did not necessarily say that, but I swear it said that it was monthly. Perhaps not! And the weekend thing makes sense - I didn't realize what day of the week it was!
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