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  1. Nope, neither. Provocative remarks don't disguise that Linden Labs have made a major change that affects many adversely and they made no attempt to inform people in advance As to comparatively products, mine do very well ty. But customers whose estate managers kow enough to look in top scripts but not enough to evaluate what they see, end up beign told they can't run these scripts and complain to me. So a big chnage in hwo my scripts get displayed matters to me. As for complaining about misleading performance figures, sure I've done my share. Anytiem you can give me a coherent exp
  2. I'm am utterly astonished that Linden Labs did not feel the need to make these very significant changes known to developers BEFORE they were released on the paying customers. And please dodn't respond that they were mentioned in office hours. If all the affected scripters of second life ever turned up at an office hours meeting ... well there'd have to have been a lto of other stuff fixed, no? This last debcle has been the last straw for me; scores of hours of careful crafting to have my coral swarms be low cost accordign to the best available tools, and now you tell me that the fig
  3. For what its worth, I have self scripted animals that wander autonomously in a parcel or region. I am an an estate manager and quite familiar with the tricks of finding free roaming objects. Although all objects are driven by the same scripts I have been puzzled for a while by how one object runs well for a few days , but then disappears (usually just after weekly roll time) . By disappear I mean no longer appears on the region scripted object list. I have a polling process that tracks each object from an external server and the (infrequent) traces show nothing untoward. I've elimin
  4. Thanks for the information, Both libomv and JVA look interesting, pity I don't run windows though :-(
  5. Ash, I'm astonished to find you have a tool that can collect this data; what is its provenance?
  6. There's very little point in having an in-world shop if it can't be found it using the in-world search. Search is so borked and biased as to useless. Hence in-world shops become less relevant to users and consequently less interesting to merchants. Maintaining a neutral platform is an arcane skill that appears to be beyond contemporary Linden Labs. That inability may kill the platform ....
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