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  1. How do you age verify yourself
  2. Hi there I too am a sky user and expericing the same problems. I would be grateful if you could post the address you submitted your complaint to, in order that I too can register a complaint also. Hoping this issue gets resolved asap. Many thanx Dimpz
  3. I don't think its a viewer issue - I use Phoenix and my scripted new born rabbits keep on disappearing - oddly enough not the male rabbits. Just hope that LL can investigate what is happening.
  4. Over the past 9 days I have had 3 of my scripted Rainimals Rabbits disappear from my sim, the most recent being this morning. I have checked my inventory, Lost and Found Folder, Cleared Cache, done area search etc to death!! These items are not in my inventory and definately not on my land. I have checked the neighbouring lands and they are also not there. I contacted Rainimals and they state that their rabbits just do not disappear, and members of the group confirm this. I have asked the sim owner to do a restart of the sim - this took place two days ago, and none of my missing rabbits (
  5. Naturally I checked my inventory first before posting the question. I have also cleared cache several times. The land is my own land - no group. The objects are transferable but no one had been on my land - land orb would have picked them up and also you would have to have edit rights to be able to take my objects and only a few trust people have that.
  6. Thanks, thats a good idea and thank you for your help :-)
  7. Ok its not a system folder. I have seen my lost folder whilst on the beta grid but when I get back to the main grid - it does not show. I definately did not delete the folder, and I have done the clearing of cache too many times now. Are there any other suggestions that could possibly work? Has this happened to anyone else before and they got back their items successfully - if so please let me know how. Thanx
  8. Please, I have done all the normal things one can do before posting this question. Of course I have checked trashbin and lost and found etc. like I said I have also done the clearing of cache on quite sim thing too. Does anyone know of anything else that can be possible done to retrieve the lost items? Is it possible that the Lindens can restore the folder? Has anyone else had a problem like this and it has been resolved? I would be happy to hear about it. Thanks Dimpz
  9. I've lost a whole folder of clothing, is there anything that can be done to retrieve the lost items. I have done the clearing of cache on a quite sim thing, several times, to no avail. Thanks Dimpz
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