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  1. Bah. Nicely spotted. Confirmed, uninitialised Skydrive and everything seems fine.
  2. Hi, I've been trying to upload for the last few days, and am getting viewer crash every time I do. The crash occurs after selecting upload from Second Life, when the file selector window would usually open. It's usually an insta-crash, sometimes a busy cursor forever, sometimes with R6025 Pure Virtual Call error. It happens on each of the upload options instead of opening the file selector. I've tried the obvious, clearing cache, using a different viewer (V3 Release, V3 Beta, Firestorm, Phoenix), teleporting to a different sim, different avatar, and even a different computer. The computers
  3. A full featured LSL script editor, preprocessor and optimiser for Second Life LSL scripts, designed to enhance the Second Life scripting experience with more powerful tools that are not available in the standard editor. http://lsl.dreamjammers.netBuy/Donate on the Second Life MarketplaceGoogle+ Support and additional information pageThis program is under active development(as of March 2012) with additional features planned. Features include: Full code folding on brackets, comments and regionsFull colour code highlightingFull set of LSL functions, events and constants as of March 2012Full code
  4. Thanks, I am using SLAV - that and your other post about scale and weight map importing helped fix it nicely I found another way that might help in the future - import from SLAV at scale 1 instead of 40, then set custom units to 0.025 metres, then it can be worked in max at a more sensible listed scale. ..and on import, set the scale on the modifiers tab to 40. It's never easy. :matte-motes-big-grin-evil:
  5. Ok, I have a mesh in 3D Studio Max. It is rigged for animation, and appears to move more or less correctly when the bones do in max. It has the standard skeleton, and exports happily. (Max 2012->FBX->Collada->jointsarray=26) Over to SL - Upload model panel - looks exactly as it does in max. Click to modifiers tab, click skin weights. Show skin weight on the drop down. My mesh is now viewed in the preview window significantly bigger than the original. Loading it into SL, it looks great in world on a desk or something(and to correct scale), but attached to an avatar, it appears si
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