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  1. Para tilia - inc olarak geliyor. Rapyd aracılığı ile geldiği de swift detaylarında belirtilmiş. Eğer banka haciz vs gibi durumların yoksa bloke olmaz. Normal bir swift ödemesi olarak geliyor.
  2. Probably yes but we do not received anything yet.
  3. Evet , sanırım 10 kişi civarıyız. Açıklama yapacağız. rapyd'in bizimle iletişime geçmesini bekliyoruz. LL, Şu anda Rapyd hesabımızın kurulumunu tamamlıyoruz diyor. Rapyd hesabını sadece LL alacak. Bizim bilgilerimizi oraya girecekler gibi geliyor. Bu hafta biraz daha gelişme yaşanabilir.
  4. Şimdilik ticket yöntemi ile Wire-Request isteğinde bulunacağız. Yakında, Dashboard'ımızdaki ''billing information'' bölümüne eklemeyi düşünüyorlar. Biraz daha otomatikleştirme planları var. Son aşama olan Rapyd'in support ekibinin cevap vermesini ve iban-adres-isim bilgilerini almalarını bekliyoruz.
  5. Identified - We’ve identified a solution for payments to our residents in Turkey, and are working on getting that in place. We will be able to share more details about it soon, and look forward to enabling our community to continue creating amazing content in SL. Again , We do love LL
  6. This is the reason why we are so patient. We trust Linden Lab. It's not easy, but new payment systems can be very good. It will work for many people. Skrill also raises its commissions. This is also a problem. Linden Lab sends USD, Skrill can only send EURO. and from here they cuts huge commissions and it divides the money. Dear Alwin Alcott, thanks for info and good chat !
  7. There are many important producers in Turkey. Their contribution to the economy of Linden Lab is enormous. Also, Paypal and Skrill are not used in many countries. A new payment system would be great. For example, I live in Turkey. Lot of people thinking about we create the highest quality yachts in Second Life. Our team also created the SL's biggest day/night changeable house with 2000 HD Textures in 2020. This is never advertisement but we are working hard for new products sure. There is also some more Turkish Companies who 50ooo or 60ooo members in SL groups. In short, we do love L
  8. Hi all ! Another system such as Paypal and Skrill is also needed. For example, residents living in Turkey and producers like Estate Owners, Creators, Designers, Scripters (who pay domains and servers ), Gaming SLSGO owners and more etc. are now starting experiencing economic crisis. ( More thank 100 people+ ) Because Skrill has stopped working like paypal (2016) as of today. You can see that Linden Lab started working on November 11 in the status grid. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/58sbn44gqxk7 '' Investigating : We’re aware of the issues with payment provider supp
  9. Same for me Emma Krokus. Everything same ! I just got two selling mails from store servers.
  10. Yes .. Linden Lab awesome about this ... I am happy with process credit time .. But Skrill Message : Please be aware that we no longer accept bank-wire deposits or facilitate bank-wire withdrawals in US dollars. So .. We will lose some money for USD --> EURO . Probably , Linden Lab need deal with new payment method. Like bitcoin etc.
  11. Hello dear friends, I have problem with rendered texture . 3DS max is very nice view , when I create render texture , and drag to mesh object ... it have BLACK LINES ... Help Me :/ http://k1311.hizliresim.com/1h/t/uwfcg.jpg http://n1311.hizliresim.com/1h/t/uwfn2.jpg every buildings have black lines -- around boxes good works !! regards BBX - Aymec Millet
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