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  1. Unless you tell us what your graphics card is, in detail, we can't help you.
  2. Actually Linden Labs can't "bring SL up to speed" because it's the user created content that slows computers to low FPS. If you take away the user created content there's no SL because Linden Labs provides pretty much just the land - everything else is made by the residents not Linden Labs (amateurs). You can improve your FPS if you take the time to adjust your viewer preferences and tweak your graphics card settings.
  3. For Sale 1/2 Mainland Region (or smaller parcels) Bordering A Protected Linden Ocean. 1/2 mainland region bordered on one side by a protected Linden ocean sim. A perfect location for your home, business, club or whatever your imagination dreams up. Owners will compensate current parcel renters and shops at the time of purchase, if necessary, and rejoin the parcels into required parcel size for your convenience. To view, TP to: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Quordlepleen/41/32/24 Contact Cincia Singh or Maebh Jewel to discuss specifics.
  4. All times are SL time 5pm Scooter Fallen 6pm Mitch Triellis 7pm Max Demar and Gina Milano Get your live jazz @ Smooth Jazz Club! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Quordlepleen/41/32/24
  5. The mainland region Quordlepleen (QDLPLN) is on the Snack RC channel; we have Smooth Jazz Club on 1/2 of QDLPLN. We haven't seen any behavior like you describe. In fact QDLPLN has been running smoothly since we were moved to Snack a couple weeks ago.
  6. If your experience with SL is that it runs poorly you need to be looking at changing your viewer settings and whether your internet connection can support SL reliably. My SL experience gets better and better with each new update and upgrade to the grid.
  7. He's right that it was a solution is search of a problem, but given the privacy and security implications of his "new problem (virtual assistants)" I doubt wide spread acceptance any time soon.
  8. I would suggest sticking to NVidia graphics cards. I would go no older than a GTX500 series card and no lower than a card with a 5 in the second place (e.g. 550, 650, 750). And the more VRAM the card has the better.
  9. 5 people watching the jira between Firestorm and SL viewer. While I understand everyone has their personal preference for what needs to be worked on, and all glitches should eventually get fixed, I would say this glitch is getting appropriate attention.
  10. I filed a support ticket last night about this very issue and the reply said that I should clear group cache. Not surprisingly all of the group IMs we sent at 5-6pm SL time were delivered around 10pm SL time. Shazam!
  11. I checked a table of video cards ranked by performance on the Passmark web site and found that a GT630 scores 738 and a 9600GT scores 750. That's not a typo, the 9600 scored higher than the newer card.
  12. There's no point in more RAM without a 64 bit OS.
  13. ScarlettLa Roux sings live! Scarlett is as Southern as her name & loves a good story, a good song, and a good laugh. Join us and let this talented songstress entertain you and make your evening delightful! Grab the LM and join us for an hour with this lovely singer. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Quordlepleen/31/30/24
  14. Do you have, or can you point to, documentation of this? I'm not trying to be snarky, I just don't accept explanations without documentation because that's how misinformation gets spread and becomes accepted truth regardless of a lack of basis in fact.
  15. I've never heard that having LOD set above 2 or 2.5 causes video memory issues ... do you have documentation for that? I run with LOD set at 4 all the time (LL and Firestorm viewers) using a GTX 560 Ti with 1GB VRAM and I experience no memory issues. when I run with LOD set lower lots of things don't rez properly.
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