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  1. i had this with some jpegs, used PNG and all seemed ok..
  2. Found a trick tonight so thought id share. When adding related items, rather than clicking "add related items" then search, then click one then click "add related items" again... You can search once, and click 8 REALLY fast and it adds 8 items in one go ;)
  3. Hello, I have a full sim and looking for someone to share upto 50% of this sim, 1/4 Estate parcel 5250/week 3750 Prims! Light commercial or residential low lag 1/8 Estate parcel 2850/week 1875 Prims! Light commercial or residential low lag I dont want profit I just dont see any need in me having a full sim, and I do not want to move and find myself next to a club which has happened a good few times before!
  4. If it is a bed or something like that then MLPv2 and Xpose will both do this also, all depends on the product
  5. I never worked out why we can not do this already, but if you agree then maybe reply and if enough do.. maybe we can :D We can keep different products completely separate! (yes I know the buyer can filter it down but I want 2 shops in world, and 2 shops on Marketplace) I would prefer not to use an alt, and can't get my head round why this is not poss already :O I don't see it being tricky for linden to put this in place either, I understand there will need to be a way to say which magic box belongs to what shop but of course you would just need to use 1 for each and then have some way to t
  6. All money has been returned by the lindens, thanks linden! your awsome.
  7. Thanks me also, However I do not agree about a ban being to harsh if they are or wil be banned. Even is it is a problem with the script, when you expose a weakness and extort it for gain it is a crime in RL, and so I would hope that these actions would be in some way handled with extream severity in a virtual world. However I would just settle for my money back
  8. Height is not the problem it is your actions. And if someone RP "oh your cute" or something you could reply in how I would have at 18 and jump on there back while slapping them round the head shouting "who is cute now rodio!!!!!!
  9. thanks I hope so also. No it is not a split, what i see on my history is them paying the vendor then "object pay" giving them 2 payments in return for every one they make. If only it is sitting somewhere I could get it, currently it is sitting on this guys account and his partners and there mates account. Interesting thing is I checked all there profiles and they where all offline, I tried to IM them you see, I then did an abuse report and not one of the people I reported are showing in search anymore. Maybe LL temp ban them im not sure. Ill update this with the outcome when I get
  10. if it is stuck it might be lag, I have in the past managed to force things off my attaching (not adding if your using phoenix or something! or you will have 2 things on there lol) attaching somthing else to that attachment point and it replaces it with what ever i put (mostly a random prim i do it with) then this random prim can be removed..
  11. Unsure the software you are using but the rule should be same for all, in poser I do this: Frame 1 = T pose Frame 2 = First frame of animations, check every joint has some degree of movement, if it is 0 on ZY and Z make Z = 1 or something = no random movement
  12. Well it was a bit of a shock this morning to fine all my linden was stolen, I have a "sell to group only" vendor which sells full perm animations to members of a group only, and if you are not in the group and you try to buy anything it refunds your money saying "sorry your not in the right group" anyway, this guy and his partner and some other person all within about 10mins somehow made it refund them twice! So.. they paid it 1500l$, it refunded then 3000l$, this was repeated till all my money was taken which is why I woke up to no linden (tho when I set these scripts up
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