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  1. Facebook and security, nah, and here is why. My account was hacked (FB Isis Hack) on January 6, 2023. Using a unique long password I renew every month with 2FA enabled. I received strange activity notification by email and text message, meaning Facebook recognized it, the platform allowed the hacker to enter my account and try to financial destroy me. Today, hacked FB pages are impersonating Meta and Facebook exploiting the Ad Network system to advertise scam links. Knowing that the hacked pages still have the blue verification badge.
  2. I read a headline and I had to share this in my post about Meta 🤣 "The Metaverse Is Dead. ChatGPT Killed Zuckerberg's Obsession". So basically, this article discusses the rise and fall of the Metaverse, a technology that promised to create a virtual world where people could interact seamlessly with each other using digital avatars. The hype surrounding the Metaverse was fueled by Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg, who claimed it would be the future of the internet. Despite much media attention and Wall Street investors' interest, the Metaverse failed to deliver on its promises and struggled to gain users. The lack of a coherent vision and business proposition ultimately led to the Metaverse's downfall, and the tech industry has since moved on to other more promising trends such as generative AI. The article argues that the Metaverse's short life and ignominious death are a glaring indictment of the tech industry, and Mark Zuckerberg's quixotic obsession with it has burned billions of dollars, misled everyone, and overseen the layoffs of tens of thousands of people.
  3. Yes and no, Second Life does not have a designated objective, nor traditional game play mechanics or rules, SL is not a game. Linden Lab, the company that created Second Life, is emphatic that their creation is not a game. “There is no manufactured conflict, no set objective,” says spokesperson Catherine Smith. “It's an entirely open-ended experience.”
  4. @Tama SukiWe've Made Headline🤣 Source: https://dilemaradio.com/facebook-metaverse-concerts-were-a-complete-disaster/
  5. Metaverse concerts are a massive flop 🤣🤣 "Facebook recently hosted a collection of Metaverse concerts that no one attended. Hosted inside Horizon Worlds, these concerts saw the appearance of multiple musicians to no applause. The musical metaverse lineup opened with rapper Young Thug on December 26th. That concert was quickly followed up by beloved DJ David Guetta just five days later. Finally, The Chainsmokers were brought on to sing Metaverse users into the New Year." Here comes the best part ... I quote: "The only issue: no one was there." 🤣🤣 Source: https://stealthoptional.com/metaverse/metaverse-concerts-colossal-failure/
  6. This is crazy! Today I received an email from whom? ... META aka Fakebook. They created an account for me without my permission 😲 This is brutal!
  7. 🤣 "A woman was sexually harassed on Meta's VR social media platform" https://www.technologyreview.com/2021/12/16/1042516/the-metaverse-has-a-groping-problem/
  8. This video is very beautiful this shows in great details the magic of Second Life @Tama Suki, again thank you and happy new year
  9. Thanks @tama suki "While we appreciate that this development has super-charged interest in virtual worlds, we also know that there is genuine concern about Facebook’s plans in this space given its spotty reputation on many issues including consumer data privacy and protections." 🤣
  10. When the idea behind Meta was introduced I was immediately like "wait a minute, this is the concept of Second Life" but I don't see anyone on social media mentioning it. Is this concept not copied from Linden Lab and what does Linden Lab think about this? I've watched a number of videos about what Meta has to offer, inworld I get the impression that it's not finished yet and that's why I choose Second Life over Meta. When I look at Facebook. This is a platform that has been around for years but the site is never finished and is full of bugs (for years). To give a simple example, if you own a page on Facebook you have to go to another website if you want to schedule a post this is Facebook's creator studio. Oh, you get a notification... someone has sent a DM to your page. You click on it, this takes you to the 3rd website namely the Business admin section. You want to unlink a Facebook group from your page "ERROR". I could go on and on about how imperfect Facebook is but my point is, Facebook has been experiencing technical problems for years. META is run by the same company, who guarantees me that META will be perfect? I look at their other products, and that gives me the answer that I shouldn't waste my money on META. This company is unreliable. Not only because of the bugs but also how they handle your private data. Linden Lab is a frontrunner and has built up a good reputation over the years. I am an old avatar, Linden Lab has always been correct. What I really wonder. What does Linden Lab think about Meta?
  11. Rather, I think people should stay on-topic or open their own thread. You are actually violating the Guidelines. 🚩 http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Community_Participation_Guidelines
  12. You contradict yourself. Because the definition of job is a paid position or regular employment. The definition of employment is the state of having paid work and according to you a DJ is not a job, that's what it comes down to. WRONG. Payments are made in Second Life in $L or Linden Dollars. "Unless" otherwise specified. Open the Job forum, and few are transparent about it. Now, your statements about the DJ. I only read excuses but you forget one thing. No matter how the DJ performs his "work", it remains a "job" and here we go again "the definition of job is a paid position or regular employment. The definition of employment is the state of having paid work"
  13. Wrong, Linden Lab developed an entire economy and there is a section in this forum special for JOBS and there's a special section for jobs by means of paid advertisement. (if they use the word "hiring" or "job" this involves $L for providing service or labor, LOGIC.) First of all, you need the necessary songs, hardware / software. The basic elements as a DJ are needed. The work is exactly the same. What a nonsense.
  14. I agree, if they use the word "hiring" or "job" this involves $L for providing service or labor, LOGIC. When they don't pay it's not a job but volunteering under false conditions or flat-out said they live in a selfish bubble so they can make money. When people say: "Ahh this is SL and you don't do it for the money" Right, first of all, don't think or talk for me. One comes for fun, but most for a second life. Guess what, that describes the whole definition of "Second Life".
  15. The profession of DJ has no other definition online than in "RL", nonsense. PS: Don't compare RL with SL. This is SL and RL stays out.
  16. Hi, I am trying to find information about an average income as a DJ. The reason I ask is that most job posts do not contain income information. I want a little more information on this. Thanks.
  17. Job Directory is offering for the client ABES MIDAS GOLD CLUB the following available positions: Host/Hostess Disc Jockeys Game Hosts Assistant Managers Host/Hostess You are the life of the party! You welcome visitors to our club, you make sure folks are having fun, and we hope that you also know a lot of people and can invite them to come hang with you when your working! DJ You stream the music for all of our events. You can create themes for your set and we would love for you to have a large friends list of people you can invite as well. Game Host During your shift you will host either Bingo, Greedy, or Yahtzee. Your job is to start the games via the machines or table, talk to players, keep folks interested, inform folks of our other services, etc Assistant Manager Your job is to recruit, interview and manage staff. You are the biggest customer service rep, and your goal is to keep the club running smoothly when you can be online. How To Apply? Visit the agency and click the job board to receive the application form.
  18. Position: Teacher We are recruiting for our client Cedar Creek Bobcats. Are you the teacher we are looking for? Job Description: Ever wanted to become a teacher in SL or have an urge to teach others a certain skill you're mastering? Cedar Creek Public Schools is looking to hire teachers/school staff for RP purposes Visit the job posting here and apply
  19. Job Directory is back. SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ocellata/84/32/21 Contact Heathcliff Harbrough
  20. Staff seekers, first 2 job postings at Job Directory gets "2 free weeks". Grab your benefits!
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