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  1. I'll help, contact me inworld.
  2. Hi, Marly. The way to fix this, if it is a bandwidth problem, is to open viewer 2, before you log in click me in the top left corner and click preferences. Go into advanced and change it to 200. This should sort your problem. If it still goes on, reply to this topic and i'll go more in depth.
  3. Is second life down due to inventory system updates? It says the inventory server is currently down, i'm trying to log into the TARDIS sim.
  4. Hi, khane.. The way to sort this is if you are on windows 7 / vista go on start, and type in %APPDATA% Open the folder called roaming. Find SecondLife and delete it. XP: go to start, run, %APPDATA% open roaming, delete secondlife. Please reply if you are on a mac.
  5. Thanks, going to be using this in a few ways
  6. thanks for this, will most likely use it
  7. Hi, kal. The way to do this would to get a tiny shape, rez all the body parts in a suit kind of think, link them, and resize it down, simple as, that's how I make mine. It is not possible with a script, unless you want to make it mess up a lot.
  8. Just had this problem, had to come on a diff viewer and change my tag.
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