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  1. Hi, I'm new at this, so I could be totally in the wrong place. Where do I go to say I'm unhappy about the People tab no longer functioning? I really enjoyed checking on my friends changes without have to log inworld (sometimes it's just not possible). Is there some future plan to reinstate it? Thanks for any help or response or just for letting me air out my complaint. Danni Okelly
  2. When attempting to log into My Secondlife I receive this notice. I tried several times over a period of 4 hours. We're sorry, but something went wrongPlease try again in a few minutes. If you continue to receive this message please use the options under the viewer's "Help" menu or visit Second Life Support. Go to my.secondlife.com thanks for any help. Danni OKelly
  3. I have also been unable to log into my.secondlife.com all day.
  4. Another work of art! Congratulations :matte-motes-big-grin:
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