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  1. ive got the same issue now since few days i went and did all the things Prokofy Neva had said ub there also been in sl for 11 years and i cannot fix the issue can i please get some help
  2. been asking a few people who i have seen with the same lotion add on BOM or applier or maybe could be also a skin but i get ether i made it my own or its that or this creator then when o contact the creator they say they didnt make it or no answer at all https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Hoodlem-Cali-Tattoo-Omega-Legacy-BOM/19132841 first one has the same shine lotion body area same have the same waist lostion shine diferent skins and noone in this sl world is able to answer me where i can get it any one in here maybe able to help me? would be very much appri
  3. yea i been checking its all still in progress the support ticket and the transaction .. of the money transfer well idenification should not be a problem after all they got all that info plus foto ID and bank info and all since 2013 so and never had the problem before just recently it stoped and have no way of getting thew to them since i moved back to germany i cant even call them to ask whats wrong How long would a support ticket Progress Take i would think 24 hrs? but its been longer then that now since i did a support ticket
  4. ive been waiting for Money to cash out since last year december ive send ina support ticket twice and also that has still been in progress... days after is there a Phone number to lindelabs billing for germany all the numbers that has been listed on the web aint going threw at all i even send them a email and nothing back yet ... getting frustraited here
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