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  1. Thank you so much for your reply Separating the opaque and transparent parts worked perfectly!
  2. I'm having an issue texturing a mesh rotor I've made and I was hoping someone here could help :) Part of the object is supposed to be fully opaque, the other part fully transparent. For some reason however, transparency starts "bleeding" from certain angles, angles where you're only supposed to see the fully opaque part of the object. This is the mesh object with a default plywood texture applied. (Don't mind the odd shape. I need to rotate this object and due to SL's method of calculating object centers, this was the only reliable way.) When I apply my texture everything seems fine at first. The hexagonal part of the object is supposed to become completely transparent, the rest stays solid. For this particular test I used a TGA file with an alpha channel. Notice that, in the object's attributes, Transparency is set to 0. (So this can't account for the glitch you'll be noticing.) The problems start when I turn my camera. When looking at the object from the side, I see small "glitchy" areas, where transparency appears to be leaking through. Mind you, this area of the object (the three blades) is supposed to be fully opaque. The corresponding part in the TGA file's alpha channel is solidly white. I would perhaps understand glitching if I was viewing several (semi-)transparent objects placed in a row, but that is not the case here. (Also important to note: the background wall is completely opaque as well.) Is this a known glitch or am I doing something terribly wrong here? I've tried with both PNG files and 32-bit TGA files, but the results are the same with either. I've used transparency on several projects in the past and I can't recall seeing this issue before. Any help would be greatly appreciated :D
  3. Linden Lab definitely saves chat and IM logs at least for a little while. They do this in order to resolve possible resident disputes. Griefing accusations for instance can be resolved more easily when they can consult chat logs. I think I recall reading that the logs are not saved indefinitely, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if they were. So yes, I would assume that anything I've ever written in SL can (in theory) be read by staff.
  4. It is highly unlikely in my opinion that "sculpties" will disappear. All the products already out there need to continue to work first of all, or there would be a flood of unhappy customers and hence unhappy residents. Secondly, Linden Lab didn't retire base prims either when sculpts came into the picture, even though sculpts are in many ways easier to manipulate. There is no reason why base prims, sculpts and mesh can't happily coexist. Take into account as well that mesh is a 3D industry standard and might therefore put off some amateur content creators who fear they don't have the necessary skills (or software) to create these objects. While the old sculpt standard was frustrating to professional 3D artists, it was also a way for amateurs to break into the 3D field. I say this as someone who didn't know anything about 3D design before joining SL and is now modeling, lighting and rendering objects. Mesh will not be as "inclusive" as sculpties are. So I wouldn't worry about it so much. It would certainly be diligent to start preparing for mesh, but you can no doubt continue to create items as before. High quality products sell regardless of how they're made. Sculpts will continue to serve a purpose and the transition to mesh is in any case a slow and drawn-out one.
  5. You need to check your transaction history and review where the charges are coming from. Log into the main SL website and go to Account>Transaction History. There are a couple of possibilities as to where the money is going. If you rent land, you might be paying so-called Parcel Directory Fees to have your parcel listed in search. The cost for this is L$30/parcel/week. This seems unlikely though considering the specific amounts that are disappearing in your case. Another possibility is that you are paying Group Liabilities for one of your groups. If this is the case, you need to determine which group is taking the L$ and leave it. In Viewer 2 choose the People tab of the sidebar, then My Groups. Right-click the group you want to leave and choose Leave.
  6. For general transaction history, available through the main SL website, this is not possible. (And it only goes back one month actually, not 45 days.) SL Marketplace history does go back to the beginning. So if you're trying to track down info on a purchase or sale made through the SL Marketplace, you should be able to find it there. It's good practice to download your general transaction history every month.
  7. Firestorm is still in beta, so I'm sure there are a lot of bugs to be dealt with still. If you want this fixed though, you could perhaps leave some info about the issue on the Phoenix/Firestorm website. I'm sure the developers would be interested to know and they could probably fix it. I don't see why SpaceNavigator wouldn't be able to work with this new viewer.
  8. Are you on a Mac? I found this forum thread referencing the same problem. Are you using PeerGuardian, PeerBlock or any other software that manages incoming and outgoing connections? Two people in that thread managed to get SL going again by trashing their PeerGuardian.
  9. Chelsea Malibu wrote: PayPal rarely works. If you want more consistent transaction, use your credit card and set up a payment info on file other than PayPal. PayPal works perfectly fine for me? Izaname, how much are you trying to purchase? New residents can only buy $30 worth of L$ during their first transaction. Over time this limit is gradually lifted. You can view your current limits under Linden Exchange>Manage>Billing/Trading Limits. (Your current limits are highlighted in green.)
  10. The whole system of adult content restriction is confusing in my opinion and questions about this keep returning. A lot of residents don't realize there is a difference between being "age verified" and "account verified". If you have payment info on file you are account verified, but you are NOT age verified. Payment info on file -> account verified -> access to adult regions in the Zindra continent Age verification (either manual or automated) -> age verified -> access to adult regions in the Zindra continent + access to land that has been restricted to age verified residents Landowners can restrict their parcel to age verified only residents regardless of whether it's PG, Mature or Adult. So age verification doesn't have anything to do with adult content per se. I've personally never come across parcels that were age restricted. If you care at all about your traffic, it'd be extremely foolish to exclude non-verified individuals in my opinion. A lot of residents would have to go through the manual procedure in order to get verified.
  11. It's true that personal info is no longer asked for during the signup process. A couple of years ago Linden Lab definitely asked though. This info isn't mentioned anywhere in one's account and I wonder if the company still keeps it.
  12. Please be aware that if you're trying to access adult regions, you can accomplish the same goal by getting payment info on file. Payment info on file -> account verified -> access to adult regions in the so-called "Zindra" continent Age verification -> age verified -> access to adult regions + access to land that has been restricted to age verified only individuals (a land option available on any parcel regardless of whether it's PG, Mature or Adult) If you still want to become age verified and the automated process fails, I'm not sure there's much you can do. The automated system checks against public records. If there are none for your country, you can't get verified. It also appears that manual verification is only available to premium members. You can find info on age verification here.
  13. You should always be able to leave a group. To leave a group in Viewer 2.7 go to the People tab of the sidebar, choose My Groups, right-click the group you want to leave and choose "Leave".
  14. As far as I know, this functionality is currently not available on the new SL Marketplace. There is also no way to turn off email notifications for sales, if you would want to do that. I agree it's annoying and an oversight. There is a JIRA topic about this, but it doesn't look like it's receiving much attention from Linden Lab at the moment.
  15. To log into an old viewer with one of the new "usernames" simply enter your username as the First Name and add "Resident" as your Last Name. Your name according to the old naming system is "nikki30101 Resident". This is how your name will appear in your profile as well, within the old viewer.
  16. If you didn't actively try to become age verified, you are not. To become age verified you need to go through the age verification process. This involves logging into your account on the Second Life website, going to Account>Age Verification and submitting personal info there to be checked against public records. Premium members can go through manual age verification if the automated procedure fails. I would imagine that if you manage to get age verified, you'll receive some sort of confirmation message. (I'm not age verified myself, so I can't state for certain.) You can find more info on age verification here.
  17. Do you have valid payment info on file? If so, what error are you seeing when trying to buy L$? To enter billing information log into your account on the main SL website and go to Account>Billing Information. You can either add a credit card or a PayPal account. PayPal accounts need to be verified before they are accepted. If you have appropriate billing information on file, go to Linden Exchange>Buy L$ and enter the amount you want to buy. Note that if you are a new resident, you are subject to stringent trading limits. For your first purchase you won't be able to get more than $30. These limits will gradually be lifted as time passes. To view your current trading limits go to Linden Exchange>Manage>Billing/Trading Limits. Your current limits are highlighted in green.
  18. In viewer 2.7, the appearance icon is at the bottom of the sidebar. It's a little shirt icon. You can also go to your appearance by selecting Me>My Appearance.
  19. In viewer 2.7 go to Me>Preferences>General and choose which content you want to access from the "I want to access content rated" dropdown. Please be aware that if you are not age verified or account verified, you won't be able to access adult content. To become age verified you will need to go through either the automatic or the manual age verification process. To become account verified, you need payment info on file. I personally find it easier to just get payment info on file.
  20. Are you only having trouble with avatar movement, not the other cam modes? Have you checked your joystick settings in the viewer preferences to ensure that all appropriate modes are enabled? Are you sure your 3D mouse is active? Sorry if these questions are redundant, but I'm not sure if you've used SpaceNavigator in other viewers before and it's just Firestorm giving you trouble.
  21. Thanks so much That did the trick. I totally didn't think about using shortcut command lines to do this. I'd only been using "--multiple" so I could run multiple viewer instances. Thanks again! I very much appreciate the help.
  22. Hello everyone :) I'm having an issue with my viewer installs that I was hoping someone could help me with. I currently have Viewer 1.23, Viewer 2.7 and Kirstens S21 viewer installed. I've mostly been using 1.23, but I'm trying to force myself to switch over to 2.7 now that mesh is coming. I would still like to use 1.23 on occasion though. I was having some texture rezzing problems with 2.7 earlier, which prompted me to manually clear my cache. I resolved the texture problems, but in doing so I noticed that 1.23 and 2.7 were using the same cache location. I figured it'd be best to separate them to avoid conflict. I know that 1.23 allows you to change the cache location through Edit>Preferences>Network, 2.7 through Me>Preferences>Setup. By default both viewers were using AppData>Local>SecondLife for their cache. (I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium.) I created two subfolders in this location, so each viewer would have its own folder. However, when I change the directory for one viewer, the other viewer automatically switches to this location as well! I've tried making folders in other locations on my computer and the result is the same. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled both viewers, to no avail. They simply won't separate their caches. Another problem is that I keep losing my preferences when switching between viewers. Clearly these viewers are interfering with each other. I noticed that 1.23 and 2.7 are not only pulling on the same AppData>Local>SecondLife folder, but also share AppData>Roaming>SecondLife (where chat logs are stored, among other things). Kirstens viewer does not have this problem. It has its own folder in AppData>Local and AppData>Roaming. As a result, its settings and cache are completely separate. So how on earth do I separate the 1.23 and 2.7 caches and settings? The installers don't specify any options for this. Others seem to have done this without any issue, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  23. Try searching your inventory for the item. If you really can't find it, contact the seller to have it redelivered.
  24. Marc Claridge wrote: Hello, sorry that i have to correct you. Only the messages you got in local chat about the delivery can get capped. But this doesn't effect the item itself. The item will always be stored on the servers database. There is no limitation. This is incorrect. Inventory transfers can and will fail due to capped IMs. There is a JIRA thread open about this. Vote for it if you'd like to see this issue fixed.
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