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  1. hi i bought some hair from damselfly called barbarajean from sl market place it took my money but i never got the hair i sent a note card to the maker and he never got the money or my transaction i have it on my transaction history that the money went plz can you redeliver the hair or give me the lindons back thank you caz contepomi i bought it on the 08/07/2013 i will copy my transaction history on here for you 08/07/201310:46:59833cd51cDestination: Currency Linden L$ Payment Description: MKT2 Item Purchase Order #1328651472 L$250 L$606 08/07/201310:34:384595e061Destination: Currency Linden L$ Payment Description: MKT2 Item Purchase Order #1328650547 L$0 L$856 how do i send a ticket iv never done one before
  2. hi can any one plz help me i cant get phoenix viewer to load i went in to prefences i ticked a box in hardware options called enable opengl vertex buffer obejects and now i cant get phoenix viewer to load so i can change what i did iv un in stalled it an re installed it an it still wont open an load for me it just keeps sayin shuttin down plz plz can some one help me fix this its the phoenix viewer that im havin problems with THANK YOU ALL FOR TRYIN TO HELP ME I HAVE DONE EVERYTHING YOU ALL SUERGESTED TO NO AVIL PHOENIX STILL WONT RUN FOR ME ALL IT DOES WHEN I CLICK ON IT TO USE IT DOES THE NORMAL THING THEN JUST SHUTS DOWN I DOESENT EVEN ALLOW ME TO GET IN SL IT JUST CLOSE'S STRAIGHT AWAY I DONT NO WHAT ELSE TO DO IV DELETED FILES IV UN INSTALLED IT SO MANY TIMES IV RE INSTALLED IT AND NOTHING WILL OPEN IT AND ALL I DID WAS CHANGE A SETTING IN prefences i ticked a box in hardware options called enable opengl vertex buffer obejects and now i cant get phoenix viewer to open or run so im having to use phoenix firestorm that im finding very hard to understand as well as use im on windows 7 so trying to find files is driving me nutts ]ID LIKE TO THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR ALL THE HELP U GAVE ME I NOW HAVE PHOENIX WORKING AGAIN MY SON FOUND THE FILE I COULDENT FIND AND HE DELETED IT FOR ME SO YAYYYY IM BACK ON PHOENIX AT LAST THANK U EVERY ONE FOR ALL YOUR HELP IM SO GREATFUL TO U ALL
  3. hi im tryin to report a person but it wont let me do it in world could some one plz help me as i have it all on a note card thank you caz contepomi.yes i tryed to send it in world but wouldent let me put all the im i got in the box so some of it is missing and i dont no what i should do next
  4. i bought some clothes and when i rezzed the box and opend it to copy them to my inventory i never got the clothes i cleard my cashe reloged looked in lost and found and trash but still dont have them i also sent a note card to the owner who replyed and said they had resent them but again i dident recive them plz can you help as i dont know what else to do caz contepomi. hi and thank you for the advise i have the folder that the clothes should be in but there not all i have is the posing stand no clothes at all i did as you surgested on both advice but i still dont have them in my inventory this is really annoying as i bought clothes from the same owner and unpacked them and i have those in my inventory but the other one has diserperd so i still dont know what to do iv again sent a note card to the owner telling them i still dident get the outfit they resent im lost as to why this has happend and i dont know what else to do.caz contepomi
  5. How can I choose a different place to live in now IM a premium holder how can I up grade to another land how can I choose another free house like i did when i went to premium how do i leave the free house i have so that i can choose another place with another free house
  6. hi i need help how do i get rid of an invisible prim i was trying to rezz an objet but dident see it and still dont but i no its there because my avi can stand on it i rezzed it in world but i cannot get rid of it will i have to wait for lindon's to restart the sim
  7. hi i wonder if some one can help me im having isusses with my inventory when i try to take items back to my inventory there still there i have cleared caesh sevral times and re loged sevral times and the item is still there is there any way this can be fixed please im using the phoenix viewer i un installed it cleared my pc loged in with a diffrent viewer and its still there so re install the phoenix viewer and i still see the item and its also copy yes it was rezzed in world have tryed to delet it several times the item is not locked and have tryed again to delet it to no avil its still there
  8. can you please tell me why im unable to buy any lindens is there a problem with the sl and being able to buy lindens
  9. im having trouble buying L$ in sl why is that
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