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  1. 4 minutes ago, FairreLilette said:

    I work with PS I know how the HUE, SATURATION, etc. and etc. and etc. work.  It is a bear to change a texture color in PS with just the HUE as the sat goes too high most of the time.  Then, a de-sat is needed and a color filter added will give it a good color while still adjusting hue but it's still a long time to achieve a good color on the texture.  


    I wholeheartedly disagree.  

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  2. 41 minutes ago, FairreLilette said:

    Changing a textures color in Photoshop is a bear of a chore.  Textures don't change colors easily in Photoshop. 

    Changing texture colors in PS is what PS does beautifully.  There are a handful of different ways of doing this as well.  You change the Hue w/out touching any of the highlights or darker areas...just one example. There are so many amazing tricks and filters, that its basically trivial at this point.

    32 minutes ago, FairreLilette said:

    No, you can tint separate parts of the faces with buttons and setting which object parts you want tinted what color.  

    And, I wasn't taking about hair as per the rest of your post nor furniture even, just clothes.  

    One face...can hold one texture. An object can be made with many faces and each may have their own texture.  You can select the face, but that in no way changes how the tinting built into SL behaves.  It ignores all light values. Its works OK for subtle tinting, and fixing a color that may be slightly off. It is still never ever as good as the original done in PS.

    Most creators worth their salt, are using all original texture for each color or print selection on a HUD.  Some may offer a tint HUD as well... like many hairs.  And I was only using hair as an example.

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  3. 9 hours ago, FairreLilette said:

    I don't know what you mean exactly...most clothes ARE just a tinter but they are preset.  The only time it changes to an actual texture rather than a tinter is for a pattern.  The shadows are baked into the AO for the white one and then the rest are just tinted as per my understanding and what I was told.   You can have baked in shadows and light in the white one that has the AO and UV on it while tinting the rest.  Plus, I use the 100's of colors HUDS for my items...it doesn't ruin anything.   These 100's of colors HUDS are awesome...you can literally have every color imaginable, nothing ruined.  It could be your lighting is different than my lighting or other's lighting.  

    This is a big nope.  Actual tinting in SL is not great, it tints the entire face.  This means you lose a ton of detail.  As white highlights get full on tint and dark areas get darker.   Clothes with HUDs use a unique texture for each one , color or pattern makes no difference. Some do also offer a added color tinter, many hairs have begun to add them as well.  But the orig preset choices are all unique textures , and will always look best before a tint is added.

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  4. 32 minutes ago, Maitimo said:

    BOM can't work for nails, because BOM has to take from the worn layers, and there's no part of the layer that corresponds, except for that dreadful blurry patch at the end of system-skin fingers, which are eliminated in most BOM skins.

    An alternative solution to the outfit problem though, is to save a separate copy of your body with the applied nails already on (and maybe save it in the folder with the nails applier so you know what it is and why its there)

    Another thought - does the save stick include nails?

    Bom can work on mesh nails.  But it needs to make use of the Baked Aux channels and the universal tattoo wearables.  

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  5. Genus has applier layers for make ups, so you can still use appliers...and they have HD lip appliers, and those textures cannot be used for BOM (system layers).  It is not always about how fast or slow creators are moving to BOM.  There is a demand for HD lip appliers.  There is also still a demand for normal make up appliers too, because peeps still want control over opacity.  I am seeing that a mix of using BOM make layers and Appliers make ups, being the most popular atm.

  6. 18 hours ago, RowanMinx said:

    But we're not fortnite nor do we want to be IMO.  Well, at least I don't.

    No one is here for fortnite, that was not the point.  The point is, that free to play games with content that cost money is not a new concept.  It is widely understood.  That is not really such an issue.  

    Most of us know the issue... retention.  Attracting new people here is one thing, keeping them here is another.  Social Media is like second nature to most people these days, seems like a natural place to throw some creative thinking at.  And maybe not FB, something new, something old....etc.


  7. On 10/4/2020 at 5:29 AM, Sardonyx Mysterious said:

    Carmen King is making Second Life Videos right now. She has over 900,000 followers in the 18-24 demographic. Most of her followers, I believe, are Sims, Imvu and Grand Theft Auto players. I am assuming the op is one of her followers.


    I have been watching her vids lately too, and she has showcased a lot about SL that many of us in here love.  Beautiful AVs, Shopping and decorating... big mansions :)  She is fun, pink and entertaining....AND she has a very substantial audience. 

    But all that fun stuff she shows in her vids, are not as easy to get too for new sign ups.  This is not new information, we all know that this has been an ongoing problem.  What to do to get the new comers up and running ...to live that life Carmen has in SL.  Her comments are often complaining that it was to confusing to get into.  I feel that its such a missed opportunity.

    I don't care for FB ... but I do think SL needs some rethinking on the social media end.  It won't hurt to talk about it , or even consider what others have to say about it.  New comer or an oldie.

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  8. On 9/25/2020 at 10:36 AM, Gabriele Graves said:

    These have been my recent experiences:

    Group chats are far worse than I remember them ever being.  Yes, there has always been chat lag and out of order chat issues, especially with large groups.
    This has been deteriorating for some months now.  You only have to spend some time on a large support group where this is happening to find that out.

    It isn't affecting all large groups, some are luckier than others.  I have seen this on a handful I am involved with.

    Some of the problems that didn't happen for me before are:

    1. Groups not opening when new chat happens.
    2. Groups not staying open with the message "Cannot initiate chat with group XXXXX" .  This seems to happen when opening a group chat or even after it has been open for a while.
    3. Very frequent messages about "messages may not be delivered if they don't appear in the next few minutes".  Reposting has started to climb into the half a dozen times for me whereas at first it was the odd one or two reposts that were necessary.
    4. Posts from others being eaten but apparently some people see them.

    Before these problems started, under "normal" chat lag conditions (that we had since I can remember) there was just a minute or two between posting and seeing the post appear.  I never saw the messages about "messages not being delivered".  I did used to see out of order chat for people who post multiple times quickly.  I don't see much out of order chat at the moment though but that could be because of the other problems masking that.

    At the moment there seems to be short periods of time where things seem to be better and then people start posting and they turn bad again quickly.

    All of this. 

    Normally I would just tick the 'like' on a post to show my agreement. I am not fond of repeating all the same points or just posting for the sake of posting.  But this has become so bad , that groups are barely usable.  I moderate and help in a very large group, trying to answer questions that I cannot see, but someone else can see...as my messages show for some and not others.....and on and on.  It's become almost comical , and most definitely cluster duck :P

    Yes, group chat has always had it's problems and annoying as they were....I would welcome that back any day over trying to deal with what ever is going on now.



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  9. 5 hours ago, CaraXorEl said:

    Question -- I add the links of my clothes, skin, makeup etc in Outfit folder then drag that on me to quickly change the looks. With head and eyebrow tattoo on it gets messed up and eyebrows hide under the head tattoo layer each time I drag folder on my avi. Tried arranging the order in edit outfit menu and placing eyebrow link over and under head tattoo in folder but nothing works until I un wear and re wear eyebrow each time. What to do?

    Save the look as an Outfit.  Use the replace outfit function from your appearance window and it will add to you,  as you saved it.  No need to drag anything anywhere. This works for me.  Also in edit outfits, if you move your layers up and down, exit out of the window...they will stay put.  You can then re save the outfit with that new order.

  10. 2 hours ago, Atosuria Daviau said:

    mind if i ask what makes this head better that the catwa? an i missing out on any great shakes by sticking to what i have?

    I don't know that any head is "better" than the other.   I have used a lot of them.  They have all have great aspects and the not so great ones.  It always just comes down to what appeals to you.  I personally like to change things up a lot. I wore Catwa for a couple of years, They are a great product...but I just became bored.  Genus has a very different look, and I like that :)


  11. I just want to point out.... that the hows and the whys of it, the nitty gritty details, are not really our business.  How long it took may have nothing to do with LL or courts.  There may be other circumstances that went on or didn't.  Genus does not owe anyone an explanation of exactly the step by step, hour by hour, day by day process that went on.  They released the information that they wanted to, and ...well, that is that.

    I hope that they are clear of it and things will get back on track.  And that is all I can do.  Knowing any more than that...out of my control.

    Sooo , Welcome back Genus :)

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  12. 1 hour ago, Janet Voxel said:

    I wouldn't say its exterminating diversity. Legacy is doing that j/k j/k!!!

    Lelutka managed to take a good chunk of the market back during Genus' time off and I'm seeing a lot of Lelutka products again. It looks like when the dust settles we're going to be at a big three situation like we were with the bodies. Lelutka Evo is a great head, very easy to use and it looks nice and the animations are amaaazing! I think there's just a lot of hoopla because Genus is back and that DMCA only helped them by creating a huge buzz, the free head only helped them out more. When it dies down though, there's going to be a big three: Catwa, Genus and Lelutka.

    Agreed, and it has been the big 3: Catwa Genus and Lelutka for quite awhile now.  I know for me, those three products sell the best. With Lelutka doing better than ever since the Evolution heads were released. My Genus product sales never once slowed down after the DMCA either,  so the Genus brand has pretty much solidified itself.

    Between the 3, we are getting quite a diverse variety of looks.  They are all great products, each one has something to offer.  A bit of something for everyone.  I think the lesser known heads still have a fighting chance as well, there is room there for more.

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  13. 1 hour ago, Maitimo said:

    I guess at least part of the reason is that the developer kit is free and doesn't require an application. Some other makers charge a not-insignificant sum of money for their dev kits, and others have an application process and they will only approve you if you have a large, well-established business and meet certain criteria. So making content for Genus is more accessible to more people.

    I make make cosmetic appliers/system layers for Mesh heads.  I have made some for all the top selling heads.  I have never had to pay for a Dev kit or really had to apply for one.  Most of them come with them or offer the kit instore.  In fact , the only one I ever had to actually apply for , was the Genus kit..but that was over a year ago.

    I know as a creator, I find working with the Genus heads very satisfying.  The kit is fairly extensive and easy to use. The head does have very limiting onion skins for make ups, but now with BOM implemented you can now do a lot more with them.  You can actually use both system and the onion skin layers together. No longer need to choose between using eyebrows or eyeshadows lol.

    As well as being nice to work with, I also really love the look of them.   Simple as that :)

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  14. 2 hours ago, Jordan Whitt said:

    I'm still gonna limit my time here, and think I shall stick to the fluffy, mindless and fun threads where I don't get called a "Karen" or troll for having a differing opinion.  

    But I do agree, you do need adult supervision!!!!

    Trying not to derail, buuuut ....I just have to say, I feel for all the Karens out there , that are not actually "Karens".  They now have to deal with the fact that their name is now a new hip and trendy pejorative :P

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  15. 27 minutes ago, BeautifulXu said:

    some people want to but don't have the means to do so.

    That is a ridiculous counter.  There is NOTHING in SL that is needed to live your life.  It is not sustenance, shelter or health care.  Its all just a bunch of PIXELS. 

    SL is full of is creative people, that you for some reason believe.... should make all that fabulous stuff for you without any compensation.  Fine, why don't you spends 50 hours a week and make us all the stuffs we want at no charge....of course.  NO? Is that a ridiculous request? Nawww ....seems pretty legit to me. 

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  16. 28 minutes ago, BeautifulXu said:

    we should lower the wholesale by 50% .

    Who is "we"?  

    P.S.  Don't buy anything you don't want to.  It's so simple, it's embarrassing to even write.

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  17. They definitely can run their store how they choose and by their own rules.   I have my own rules too:  No demo... No buy.

    Soooo many beautiful skins out there that do offer demos.... easy enough to shrug it off and move on :)




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  18. 5 hours ago, ITookBothPills said:

    Hi All! I'm new to Second Life and have the free Mesh Project classic body and a Catwa head. I turned on the advanced lighting model for the first time today, and it looks like someone dumped black paint on her. Is there anyway to fix this? She looked amazing before I adjusted my settings and I've already spent a lot of cash on clothes, head ect. Thanks in advance peeps!!

    Without a pic... hard to know for sure.  It may be you just need adjust your material settings on your body and head HUDs, turn them off or adjust.  Also .... Catwa has a very busy help group.  There are a lot of specific help and fashion groups in SL that are very active.  A ton of in world help is available, if one pays attention. Search for: Catwa Head Friends.

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