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  1. Hi why do we have 2 separated logins? If you login in to your dashboard then move to the community forums,and vice versa you must login again,why? Why not a "button" that makes a kind of bridge?
  2. Hi you must complete uninstall your sl and then reinstall again. How to complete uninstal sl from your pc.at Windows O.S 1-open a folder (any folder) at the top bar select folder options check the option show hidden files/folders 2- run the sl uninstaler this can be done by windows uninstaler or at programs menu at sl uninstal shortcut 3-after complete uninstal go to c: select documents and settings open the administrator folder(the one with the same name of the pc) select the folder named application data,open it and them delete the second life folder 4- return now to documents and
  3. Hi please tell us the viewer version about the picks now you have to up load them from you computer and there's no cost at the latest version there's no sl based profiles only the new ones web based
  4. Hey now we have 2 options to hide and they are independents I mean one of them has anyone know is at the web profiles at the top bar but the option to hide you from sl search is now present at preferences in the privacy tab
  5. www.youtube.com Can save you entire days remember we are now at viewer 2 so if you find out the videos are different from the interface you are using now probably because they are from viewer 1 refine your search second life second life+viewer 2 second life+avatar appearance torley linden has tones of good tuturials at his channel also but if you dont know how to edit your apparence i my personal opinion best words for you at this time are freebies and sandbox try them out at viewer search:smileywink:
  6. hi define "cant edit" my profile please? cant you upload images? cant you edit biografry? homepage? ive checked your profile and is portuguese theres also a portuguese forum open at http://community.secondlife.com/t5/F%C3%B3rum-em-portugu%C3%AAs/bd-p/PortugueseForum plus instal different viewers is not always a good idea if you dont know how to solve problems(conflits) that they can creat at your pc.
  7. hello there Rav take a look at this guide lines http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Filing-an-abuse-report/ta-p/700065
  8. zaxa Congrejo

    web profiles

    The latest viewer improvements bring us the web based profiles awesome idea but there's always a BUT so i have simple question. are we forced to have a white profile background? hm...........what if i prefer them black ? i mean if im forced to have web based profile at least you shoud give us some abilities such editing background custom domain names organization of the page elements (different templates) freedom of choice is something very appreciated in this days
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