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  1. Thats bad, I spent a fortune on my Avatar, looking good is the most important thing to me. So I fear now I made LL and other rich with my money and can throw away now lots ot it because of that?! Who can I sue to get my money back?
  2. Did something happen to Torley? Cant remember when he did create new tipps and tricks vid tuts?
  3. A group I did found years ago suddenly dispeared! I never delated it nor did I leave it. The group was filled with members, so all should be fine, BUT, its gone suddenly! I wanted to suport a ticket, but this case dosnt match in any of the offered issues, Ive to choose from? Can somebody help me please? Would be great!
  4. Im not entusiastic about a V2! V2 was clearly a big step back in usability and user friendlyness! But Im very glad that hard working people like the phoenix/firestorm team work thier buttocks of to give us a usable viewer, what LL denies us. They do the job LL should do, keeping thier users/customers happy. But we all know, that LL has in that point just a hudge lack of^^
  5. Well, there are viewers out there, offering all you mentioned in your post, Phoenix or firestorm for example! Give them a try! Dont forget, LL develops V2 for thier own needs, not for ours...
  6. Woot woot! here it is, propably the best viewer available! It offers all what V2 can give you^^ ..and MUCH MORE! All the stuff you ever have dreamed to have! Here, vid presentation: http://www.youtube.com/user/PhoenixViewerSL´╗┐ Enjoy
  7. Pussycat Catnap wrote: LoveAngeL Lyre wrote: Hello. I downloaded and installed the Seach Project Viewer. I try it now and i have 2 questions: 1) Why we haven't any mention about the traffic when we search for places? Is it possible to be added this option? I believe that is very useful maybe more than the size of a region or club for example (sq m2). Traffic has not been used by the V2 community for over a year. It only impacts V1 search, which soon won't exist. Seems the V2 community is a small one...
  8. Well, basic mode means: NO MONEY, NO VOICE, NO INVENTORY^^ sounds erm, good? *LMAO* Im sure merchants will be very pleased with that solution!^^
  9. Search dosnt work? Well, welcome to Viewer 2. Search has never worked well in V2! Never^^ I love progress...(when it makes things better not worse^^)
  10. Well, I never had to "update" my profile after viewer updates? Well, only cause of web based profiles^^ So, I cant see any benefits we can enjoy through them...I dont need a slow loading, bad working connection to facebook and stuff. I need a good working viewer (Thx god there is pheonix) and a good working second life. Oh a working search would be nice also^^
  11. Charolotte Caxton wrote: Maxine Kohime wrote: and its not SL viewer 2 anymore. Means that we can talk about ALL second life viewers now? That would be nice. Would be a nice place to post the updates for phoenix, firestorm and other good TPVs! The Third Party Viewers don't have their own Third Party Forum Website? Well, even if yes, a TPV is a second life viewer, right? So we can talk about TPVs here too.
  12. and its not SL viewer 2 anymore. Means that we can talk about ALL second life viewers now? That would be nice. Would be a nice place to post the updates for phoenix, firestorm and other good TPVs!
  13. Cerise Sorbet wrote: Maxine Kohime wrote: Well, I remember, we did scream for: -lesser lag Lesser lag is why LL has been moving profiles, search, assets, and many other things to Web based services. All these functions were being handled by the simlulators, so they had to stop and do a bunch of adminstrative work when they should be spending their time moving avatars and objects around. The viewer side of the team still has work to do to make SLPlugin and QtWebKit faster, but on the server side this kind of change is exactly what people have "screamed" for. oki, we have web based
  14. strange, but thank you for the answers, I couldnt make any response to it in the afternoon *wonder* Im sorry for wasting your time. LG Maxine
  15. *waves not* I use a good TPV which has the goodies of V2, whitout the baddies of V2. Yes, such a viewer exists...
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