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  1. Thats bad, I spent a fortune on my Avatar, looking good is the most important thing to me. So I fear now I made LL and other rich with my money and can throw away now lots ot it because of that?! Who can I sue to get my money back?
  2. personally I dont like the facebook buttons, every such a button is a lil well scripted spy, telling FB anything you do with profiles. I dont want them to know that!
  3. Well, they try to mute critical voices, another attempt of LL to ignore thier customers, cos we cant voice our concerns to the public now... Youre sooo great LL!^^
  4. I must be missing something. People talk about opt-out and privacy in relation to webprofiles. Profiles have always been accessible through web. The new profiles are in their standard setup not accessible through web. The only thing that needs to be accessible through web is the avatar name. Linden Lab has disabled leaching of profile information about two years ago afaik. The link between profile and twitter or other accounts has to be activated by the user. It can't be activated by default. It can't be activated by others. The tweet button and other buttons only give information the user
  5. Well, good to see that "friends permission" still are hidden in the single profiles, means we have to open every single profile to figure out who has which permissions! Thats really "fast, easy, fun"! But nice vid, as always, youre great with your tuts! wtg! I just miss the option to keep my profile how it was, somewhere someone of LL has said something about "choice"?! I cant find the choice here? I cant disable web profiles! Very much choice so, Ive to say. Btw, why we needed web based profiles? did the majority of us scream for? I cant remember, Ive to say, I could swear the most people
  6. Vote while we still can vote! hehe https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-24855 https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-24853 https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-24854 VOTED! But the will ignore us as always...^^
  7. dear fellow residents, may I ask why you still are talking to them, to LL? DID THEY EVER LISTEN REALLY BEFORE? I cant remember, can you?
  8. dear residents, after seeing all what has happend in the last month with SL and LL, I would like to suggest to stop and postings here in blog and elswhere towards LL, because THEY GIVE A FRIGGIN SH.. ABOUT WHAT THIER CLIENTS WANT. The use us all to find the bugs in thier product, thats all. THEY NEVER TAKE ANY CARE ABOUT US IN AN OTHER WAY AS USING US TO GET THIER WAGES PAID BY US. For the rest we are just obstacles for them, which they try to overrun and to ignore, so, why do we all waste our time and engery here, its senseless. They will not listen and they will never take care.
  9. THANK YOU LL, FOR SOMETHING MAJORITY OF US DID NEVER WANT! Like: -webbased profiles, which need very long to load -a broken search -links to twitter and Facebook -a terrible UI Im sooo glad that we have you, should we have dudes leading which would really care for us, we would die immidiatly by the sudden warm and embracing feeling! So we have you, remind us that we are still in SL, despite of all your doings to chase us away^^
  10. Are you people insane? DING! DING! DING!...we have a winner! Finally, the most sensible utterance of frustration yet Well said, Cynianne Well, tell me one reason why I should see the new web profiles as a progress? Now its need 15 secs to get a profile loaded instead of 3. So, why that should be better? tell me
  11. Welcome to the company, following the slogan: Let's get hated by our customers...^^
  12. @Ansariel Yes! I've shared many Resident suggestions in that vein. To this day, I still hear requests for a "minimalist UI" mode which would be well-suited for socializing, exploring, and examining content you've created without all the build and other windows in your face. For a more direct line about your suggestions, you can reach the "Snowstorm" Team through here. @Yanik Freedom of choice. Some people LOVE notifications, others HATE 'em. I can be a voracious chatter at times, other times I need peace and quiet to research inworld activity. Let me figure out that, please. You built a
  13. ops, search in V2 is still a disaster! *geeez!
  14. Well, display names isnt bothering me at all! First I did was to disable it^^....and most time I use a TPV, a good one. So, I dont see any display names and out.
  15. Lag would be better? Did you really visit secondlife sims? I swear, youll not find much people beliving you that lag should be lesser now^^ Which sims you are visiting? And when? Sl is lag hell still.
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